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To the Editor:
In Proverbs 15:1 we read, “A soft word turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” With that in mind, I would like to thank Editor Tina Scott for her excellent articles and editorial regarding the Pine Crest Nursing Home situation in a couple recent issues of the Foto News. The County Board faced a difficult and controversial decision. They made their choice … and I agree it was the correct one.
Often when something like this happens, the local media is quick to create further controversy. Fortunately, this was not the case, as Scott reported the facts without adding political bias or slant. Then the parable of “The Farmer and the Vineyard” was a terrific way to bring wisdom and logic to an emotional situation. In the next issue, she introduced us to the new buyers … all while keeping a positive and enthusiastic outlook. In my opinion, this is outstanding journalism … and should be recognized as such. Thank you, Editor Scott.

-Jeffrey Krall
Merrill, Wis.

To the Editor:
Thank you to Lincoln County Board and Departments: First of all, I appreciate all the resources that are available through our county government. When we mention losing some of our county services, many say: “I don’t use all that stuff.” Take a look at the platbook, page 4, titled Government Directory. Ever need an ambulance, check on a certified survey, death certificate, or veteran benefits?? Thank you for continuing to keep as many services as you can but remaining within county budget. Yes, COUNTY BUDGET. I look at my property tax bill and notice the middle section that details what each jurisdiction receives. On one of my tax bills, Lincoln County receives $819.84 for 2023. I am a resident of Lincoln County, vote in Lincoln County, elect a representative to County Board, and receive the many services provided. Lincoln County property owners may not reside here full time but they pay county taxes just the same as me.
Presently, Wisconsin counties are trying to attract tourists and population growth. Lincoln County just approved dollars to the “Uniquely Wisconsin” campaign, a chatbox, and “Welcome to Lincoln County” signage and media. These steps are promoting economic growth and small business in the county. Hopefully, it will bring more residents and increase our tax base; thereby, lowering our county tax so it is comparable to surrounding counties.
When I needed to find information for Lincoln County issues that concerned me, I was able to go online to view meeting minutes, watch videos of the meetings, and yes, even attend virtually. Some say, “I don’t have a computer or have access to the internet.” The library in both Merrill and Tomahawk has the capability. Oh yes, the county also supports our libraries. Did you know that? Also, I am told that one can use their telephone to listen to these meetings OR attend in person with closed-caption screen available.
Further, I want to say you have my gratitude for allowing and listening to hours of public comment, studying and researching an issue, and attending meetings. I would not seek these positions to make $70 a county board meeting and $35 a committee meeting. I think if one is on as many committees as possible, he earns about $3,000 a year; it’s not for me, but I’m glad that some are serving.
Please continue your efforts to always look out for Lincoln County and accept the majority vote.

-Leona Vander Sanden,
Lincoln County resident for over 70 years
Gleason, Wis.

To the Editor:
Easter Memories

I remember my sisters wearing Easter bonnets and pretty dresses and my brothers and I wearing white shirts and bow ties for church on Easter Sunday. But the first thing we would do, even before we ate breakfast, was to “hunt” for our hidden Easter baskets. We searched all over until we each found our basket which was filled with candy, other treats, and pretty colored eggs. The baskets, we were told, were filled and hidden by the Easter Bunny.
I no longer believe in the Easter Bunny, but I believe we can use some of the things that we did on Easter morning to remind us of what Easter is all about. It is good to “dress up” on special occasions. Easter is a very special occasion, being the day that we remember our Lord Jesus Christ rising from the grave. We eagerly looked for our baskets of goodies. We should also be eager to see our Lord Jesus one day. The eggs were decorated in pretty colors, similar to the flowers of Spring. Spring is the beginning of a new growing season. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, our life is made new. We then begin to grow in our relationship with Him. Even the Easter Bunny can remind us to look up to Jesus. The Bunny’s ears point up!
May your Easter be a blessed one.

-Ed Acker
Rib Lake, Wis.

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