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To the Editor:
Why is the majority of the Lincoln County Board blindly rushing past its duty to “serve and protect” our heroes by moving to sell Pine Crest? I’ve known residents there including brave combat vets, law enforcement, teachers, people providing goods and services, and others who selflessly served the less fortunate; people who served and protected our community to the very best of their abilities for decades.
It is estimated that a private organization would need about $700,000 in profits annually to run Pine Crest. What would they cut?
My parents had long term insurance coverage and could have gone anywhere. The first three places they entered were for-profit facilities carefully handpicked by my brother and sister, both experienced health care professionals. All three were disasters with inadequate and unhappy staff, resulting in frequent falls, infections, and trips to the ER and rehab facilities.
After Mom died, we found a small town facility like Pine Crest with outstanding care where the staff was fairly compensated, had long time camaraderie, and enjoyed working together. They were far more efficient and productive than what I witnessed in for-profit homes. It was a longer trip to visit Dad there, but well worth it. He loved the place, and was noticeably healthier and happier.
Please contact your County Supervisor by phone asap before bids for a broker are considered next week. Tell them it’s time to invest in Pine Crest, not sell it. Let’s take our time, secure grants and funding, and honor these heroes.

– Mark Mehlos
Merrill, Wis.

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