LCHS August Donors

The Lincoln County Humane Society (LCHS) would like to thank the following donors for their support in August!
Jonathon Peck; The Boquist Family Lemonade Stand; Meghan Stevenson; Taste N Glow Balloon Fest; Michael Oemichen; American Online Giving Foundation – Liberty Mutual Group & UnitedHealth Group; Dean Barker; Rita Yaeger; Ruth James; Jean Perkins; Nadine Appel; Cecil Ballou; Darlene Raunio; The Teeters Family; Mary Jaax; Angelia & Todd Johnson; Angeline Marquis; Jennifer & Robert Ingman, Jr.; Rick & Judith Lombard; Janet Selnes; Pamela Welch; Therese Devine; Kendra Hawley; Scott Nardi; Paws at Rest; Ivy Catlin; Carol Brawn; Sharayah Lee; Tasha Jaeger; Penny Ross; Peggy & Bob Bauman; Tomahawk Home, Sport, & Travel Show; Heidi Fleurant; Christine & George Brahos; Amy Hameister; Jane Parsons; Angela Matti; Ivy Catlin; Elisa Marie Lang; David & Dorothy Jorgensen; Judith Kusiak; Joy of Grooming; Hilary Scully; Tanya Kleinschmidt; Philip & Virginia Giese
Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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