Kitchen Collectibles Beyond Books Community ArtShare Exhibit

Vintage potato mashers and an old pig cutting board are a part of the Tena’s Kitchen Collectibles display at the T.B. Scott Free Library. Submitted photo.


The T.B. Scott Library is currently hosting a Tena’s Kitchen Collectibles exhibit as part of their Beyond Books Community ArtShare program. Through the end of October, the exhibit will have some community members wandering down memory lane as they peruse the exhibit, while some younger visitors may be asking what some of the items were used for. A portion of Tena Gnewuch’s collection makes up the exhibit. Gnewuch has been collecting miscellaneous kitchen tools most of her life, she said, and particularly loves rolling pins, creamers, and potato mashers. Her very favorite items, though, are related to pigs.
Gnewuch said she discovers most of her treasures at flea markets, but also occasionally finds items at garage sales and antique shops.
She loves the history of the individual objects and the stories behind them. And she also enjoys seeing how some of the tools have evolved over the years.
Tena’s Kitchen Collectibles are on display in the Carnegie Wing of the T. B. Scott Free Library.

Even the color and shape of basic rolling pins has changed throughout the years, as shown here in this selection of three vintage rolling pins. Submitted photo.

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