Merrill Foundation, Inc. supports Trinity Lutheran School Media Program

Trinity Lutheran School receives the Merrill Foundation, Inc. donation for In The News elective. Submitted photo.

The Merrill Foundation, Inc. has awarded $3,000 to Trinity Lutheran School Merrill.
The grant will support the school’s In the News elective, where students learn about journalism and media of all types – incorporating television and radio broadcasting, writing articles, interviewing subjects, and formatting and editing their work. This program will instill foundational skills that extend to future careers beyond broadcast media, including teaching, engineering, law enforcement, civil service, politics, and more.
“We are very pleased to be able to support Trinity’s elective educational program In The News. Perhaps the next social media sensation will get their start with this program here in Merrill,” said Jeremy Cordova, President of the Merrill Foundation. “The funds will be used to update video production equipment and add new features, such as acoustic panels and ring lights.”
The Merrill Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt philanthropic organization created to support programs in the greater Merrill area. The Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including making distributions to local nonprofit organizations. For more information about the Merrill Foundation, visit their website at

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