Merrill’s MASH Blood Drive

Though not identifying specifically as any of the characters from the M*A*S*H 4077, (L to R) Hunter Smith, Ricky Smith, and Kurtis “Raymond” Schulz enjoy doing military re-enactments and lending an air of authenticity to the annual Merrill M*A*S*H Blood Drive. Schulz and Ricky Smith have collected the tents and gear and been setting up regularly at the Merrill event for years.


The Northwoods Veterans Post took on the look and feel of a MASH unit from the TV show on Aug. 3, 2023. A group of local volunteers recreated the look of a military base outdoors on the lawn outside, complete with tents, cots, and military gear, and wore Hawaiian shirts reminiscent of what Klinger, Hot Lips Houlihan, Trapper, and Hawkeye might have worn for one of their light-hearted celebrations. Indoors, one-half of the dining hall was set up with cots, and Community Blood Center (CBC) staff clad in scrubs were busy prepping donors and equipment and drawing and processing blood donations. The light-hearted atmosphere drew smiles from staff, volunteers, and donors alike. If you’re going to have a blood drive, why not make it fun? Volunteers in MASH t-shirts helped keep things flowing smoothly, and blood donors also got a t-shirt, along with lunch and refreshments after donating.
The all-day event drew many members of the community to donate the life-saving gift of blood, with some donors tallying up nearly 30 gallons of blood donated since they began donating through the years. It’s regular donors like them that the CBC relies on to keep a steady supply of blood of all types for more than 40 hospitals throughout the state, including those here in the Northwoods and Northcentral Wisconsin.
The CBC is always in need of new donors willing to donate blood to maintain the supply so they can be prepared for the day-to-day needs of hospitals and any unexpected emergencies. Whether at fun annual events like this one or at more traditional blood drives held at various locations throughout Northcentral Wisconsin, consider becoming a blood donor. Your donation truly can save a life.
To learn more about becoming a blood donor, or to schedule a donation at an upcoming blood drive location, go to:
If your business, church, or other organization would like to host a blood drive in our area, learn more at:

This veteran is a blood donating vet, as well, having donated right around 29 gallons of blood now, he said.

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