July Garden of the Month


The July 2023 Garden of the Month belongs to Jill and Steve Patrow on River Street in Merrill. Submitted photo.

Park City Gardeners announced the July 2023 Garden of the Month belongs to Jill and Steve Patrow and is located at 1812 River St. in Merrill.
Many years of hard work are encompassed in their entire property. One organizer said she recalled the yard from her younger years and could attest to the evolution of the property from a “simple green yard to something beautiful and unrecognizable with Jill and Steve’s hard work.”
The Patrows’ property includes an inviting front porch, flower beds, garden art (from rustic to concrete to steel and glass and much more), and a bountiful vegetable garden.
A group of delightful gnomes have their own home among the blooms. And reminders of children and years gone by are tucked into little corners, including a little playhouse that was once a girls dollhouse and even a dinosaur clubhouse.
Jill and Steve work together to create their little sanctuary. From gathering the seeds and saving them in between seasons to reimagining flower beds and planting them to achieve a specific look to adding a patio area, their yard puts visitors in mind of relaxing and enjoying the beauty around them. But don’t let that fool you. A lot of work went into creating this space!
To fully appreciate the July Garden of the Month, taken time to drive, or perhaps walk, through the alley, as well.

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