Beat the heat

The Lincoln County Health Department offers the following safety tips for beating the heat this summer, focusing on prevention, protection, and intervention.

 Stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water. Avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, and sodas.
 Avoid going outside in extreme heat. Limit outside activity to early morning or late evening.
 Wear sunscreen. Sunburn affects your body’s ability to cool down and can make you dehydrated.
 If you don’t have air conditioning, keep shades drawn and blinds closed, but windows slightly open.
 Keep lights off or turned down.
 Limit the use of the stove.
 Wear lightweight, loose, light-colored clothing.
 Take cool baths and showers.
 Don’t leave anyone, including pets, in a parked car–even for a few minutes.
 Check up on family, friends, and neighbors during extreme heat. If you are unable to reach them, call 911 and request a well-being check.

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