Kate Goodrich students collect coins for Merrill Food Pantry

Kindergarten students add coins to their class collection bowl. Kelli Morgan photo.

The students of Kate Goodrich Elementary (KGE) participated in a coin drive challenge to see which class could collect the most money for the Merrill Food Pantry. Each day students collected coins to add to their grade’s collection bowls and the excitement grew as the bowls filled up. The coin drive culminated in a school assembly to announce the winning grade, and the gymnasium erupted in cheers when the principal announced students had collected a total of $2,221.92, KGE Social Worker Kelli Morgan said.
The kindergarten students raised the most money, earning them the coveted prize of an extra recess. “I like to help people!” said kindergartener Wyatt Schwartzman, who had fun collecting coins.
“The students were excited each day to bring in their coins and add them to the jars,” said Stephanie Kuehl, Instructional Aide at the school. “There was often talk about which grade level had the most coins, fostering a healthy competition and quality conversation. It’s great to see all the students come together to raise funds to help the community. “
“We see great value in providing our young students with opportunities to give back to our community. It gives a stronger connection and pride in our community,” Morgan said.
“There were so many valuable lessons tied into this drive,” Principal Heather Soberg said. “Most importantly was helping others to show the kindness of our students and how a little bit from everyone can go a long way!”
“This donation is amazing!” said Al Crevier, Co-Manager at the Merrill Food Pantry. “Many people don’t know that between 10-12% of the residents of Lincoln County are below the poverty guideline. This donation is at the perfect time since the financial allocation federal SNAP program has been reduced this month. Because of this, the food needs in our community will increase greatly.”

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