Merrill Ice Drag racers start their season


Record attendance at the first Merrill Ice Drags event of the season left a few drivers in the dust, but a make-up day will be scheduled to accommodate the classes that didn’t get to race before dark. Joseph Frederick photo.

The Merrill Ice Draggers started off their season a little late for 2023 due to warmer than normal temps and rain early in the year, but the racing season got off to a great start with racers on Saturday, Feb. 4. Record attendance and beautiful weather kicked off the 58th Annual Merrill Ice Drags, organizers said, and there was such high attendance they weren’t able to get through all the classes before dark and are planning to schedule a make-up day.
For those who did get a chance to race, the results are in.

Race week one class results are:
2wd Rubber Tire
First place: Linda Kresbach
Second place: Emma Meyer
4×4 Rubber Tire
First place: Travis Smith
Second place: Kyle Osimitz
First place: Erin Dombeck
Second place: Harley Hixon
Easy Street II
First place: Mandy Herning
Second place: Scott Stricklin
First place: Bree Krueger Schmidt
Second place: Shyana Finck
Ultimate Street
First place: Austin Willis
Second place: Dusty Nielsen
First place: Josh Graap
Second place: Larry Krueger
First place: Ryan Blake
Second place: Ryan Podeweltz
First place: Mandy Hernig
Second place: Nick Heilerman
First place: Ryan Blake
Second place: Mike Bohman
First place: Justin Peterson
Second place: Scott Szarowicz

The Merrill Ice Drags were a great place to bring the family for an afternoon outdoors this past weekend. Joseph Frederick photo.
It took a while to get things going, but once racers hit the gas, it was over in a flash! Joseph Frederick photo.

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