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Violent Night (Now showing in theatres)
This film is rated R – for action, peril, blood, and gore

There are many things I can say about Violent Night, but few that I can say on these pages. What I can say is this: Go see this film!
I have not laughed so hard at a film in years. The absolute mayhem and insanity in this film is staggering.
Here is the down and dirty on this one. Santa is bummed the Christmas spirit is fading and kids no longer appreciate the things they get, they always want more, the Naughty List is long, and Santa has taken to drinking between visits to homes.
On one of his stops, he stumbles into a home invasion. The bad news for the robbers is that one of the kids on the Good List lives in that house.
Santa decides to come to the rescue, and from there, complete insanity is the name of the game.
To be crystal clear, and heed my warning, this film is NOT for kids. Nope, not even a little. So leave the kiddos at home for this one. It includes everything from explosions to Home Alone inspired booby traps to a sledgehammer, and all are put to good use.
I saw this one with my wife, my sister-in-law, and her boyfriend, and all four of us howled with laughter and delight at the mayhem that unfolded upon the screen.
Don’t get me wrong, there actually is a message here about the Christmas spirit, even if it is driven home by a foul-mouthed, violent Santa who is essentially sick of humanity’s nonsense.
Mary and I have already decided this will join the ranks of Christmas movies we will view yearly.
A full five out of five stars for Violent Night. This film is not for everyone, but boy oh boy, it’s a hoot and a holler of good gory fun.
Also, a word for the wise: Santa hates skim milk and store-bought cookies, loves bourbon, and you really, really want to stay off this Santa’s Naughty List. Trust me on this.

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