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To the Editor:
All our friends here and around are ending the season of Christmas that brings to all of us a time of love and time of giving. We here that are living in Pine Crest are somewhat limited, but we have several great folks that bring to us and visitors a beautiful display for the season. As a resident here, I have been a part of those that have enjoyed the color and beauty that promotes the meaning of the birth of Christ. A tree that is adored with color and lights sends to all a message of love and joy. Soon all the color and light will be removed, but the reason for the season must remain with us all. Have a happy new year.

– Al Curtis
Merrill, Wis.

To the Editor:
Since it’s once again election season, here’s a partial list of what I’ve done on the county board: help steer two additions (rehabilitation and memory care) onto Pine Crest; help facilitate the management of Pine Crest to North Central Health Care when Lisa Gervais retired and NCHC ended as our best option; help create the civic engagement project at T.B. Scott library and assist in the rooftop solar installation; guide a multi-year contract between Social Services and HAVEN for HAVEN’s services to the county; assist former supervisor Jim Alber draft a countywide advisory referendum on federal Medicaid dollars; be the lead guy on another referendum on medical marijuana; help Hans Breitenmoser with a countywide referendum on fair maps and gerrymandering; be in on the selection of two administrative coordinators and one corporation counsel.
There have been lots of other issues, discussions, debates and votes, but those are some of the highlights. If the citizens of Corning, Harding, and the Town of Tomahawk don’t think that’s enough to merit my re-election—well, there are other candidates to choose from. Just go vote on February 15 and April 5.

– Paul Gilk
Merrill, Wis.

To the Editor:
In the last statewide election, 44.8% of voters cast their ballots for the GOP. Gerrymandering by conservatives allowed this minority of voters to capture 63.6% of seats in the Wisconsin legislature. The minority party now controls the majority. This has been done everywhere the GOP has gained a majority of elected positions. The GOP has determined that conservative votes are more important and have more authority than other votes. Therefore the minority wins.
How far will this go? Already the GOP is trying to consolidate even more power for their minority by further gerrymandering. This assures that your vote, if conservative, will mean even less. Many people have fought for “one person, one vote.” Conservative legislators have created a situation where their voters are more important than others and therefore their votes count more. This is not what we are taught in school. However, GOP legislators, representing the minority, are trying to change that as well. They want to determine what type of history should be taught, what books are permitted, and what historical figures should be ignored.
The GOP cheats. They know the numbers and they know, all things being equal, they cannot win. They can only prevail by making “one person, one vote” a thing of the past. Look at the shape of the districts they have created and you will see the lengths they will go to cheat. They have made dishonesty and lies their platform.

– Doug Curtis
Gleason, Wis.

To the Editor:
My son is 14 and has Autism. I am getting REALLY tired of hearing the rumor that this was caused by vaccinations. Many intensive, scientific studies have been done world-wide, concluding that Autism is a neurological disorder caused by the mutation of known genes in the genetic code. What is NOT known is what is causing these mutations, which are being passed down from parent to child. After much research on my own, I have concluded that these genetic mutations have been caused by our bodies being bombarded by chemicals for the past 70 years. They are everywhere; in our water, food, air, soil, clothing, building materials, and manufactured goods.
The RUMOR that Autism is caused by vaccinations began when a British doctor announced to the world some years back that his study proved this. Not long after, his study was proven bogus by the scientific community and he lost his medical license, but this rumor persists, thanks to ignorance and social media.
Yes, vaccines contain certain chemicals – infinitesimal amounts compared to the chemicals that we are exposed to daily, such as from coal-fired power plants and the 2 trillion tons of chemicals that are dumped on agricultural fields every year in the U.S. Lastly, it was clear to me that my son was not right at birth; long BEFORE he had his vaccinations. The truth is backed by scientific evidence if people will only believe it.

– Heather O’Neill
Town of Harding, Wis.

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