Elliott is December Youth Optimist at PRMS

Eighth grader Addelyn Elliott has been named Prairie River Middle School (PRMS) Youth Optimist for December 2021. She was nominated by Mrs. Bonnell who said, “Addelyn has the personality that can easily light up the grayest of rooms; she is the sparkle that shines through in any situation. Her warm smile and caring nature are two things that are never left behind.”

“She is a leader by example, often remaining on the quiet, observant side, but the very first to stand and speak up on someone’s behalf to correct a wrongdoing or unfair situation,” she said. “She is mature beyond her years, but at the same time, a genuine eighth grade girl with an amazing heart and a knack to make those around her feel welcome, accepted, and valued. There is no doubt she understands the higher concept that everyone has a story, and whether they care to share it or not, we need to always treat others with kindness and compassion.”

“Addelyn is in many school activities,” Mrs. Bonnell said. “She is in Track and Soccer, is a WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) leader, and is a part of the counselor advisors. She has received the Citizenship award, Student of the Quarter, and Honor Roll. After school, she participates in dance, plays Soccer at the Parks and Recreation Center, serves Christmas brunch to the elderly at Jenny Towers, and attends Gen180 at Highland Community Church.”
Addelyn is the daughter of Nathan Elliott of Merrill.

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