MAPS accepts December donations

The following donations were approved and/or accepted at the Dec. 15 Merrill Area Public Schools (MAPS) Board of Directors meeting:

Snacks for classrooms from Grampa’s Farm, The Crockford, Jamie Johnson & Severt Families valued at $1375.00 for keeping classrooms at Kate Goodrich, Washington, and Prairie River Middle School stocked with snacks for students in need; a check from the Northwoods Marching Band valued at $684.85 for the price for Merrill Marching Band students to attend a field trip to the Rose Bowl; funds from Laurie Wolf-Dahm valued at $50.00 for the MAPS Art Department in memory of Margaret Ann English; and, the following funds from Laura Lussier-Lee & Eric Lee: $1,000.00 for Kate Goodrich School, for enhancing students lives there; $1,000.00 for Pine River School for Young Learners, for enhancing students lives there; and, $2,000.00 for The Evjue School Forest, as needed for projects.

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