Curves of Merrill introduces new weight loss program

Curves of Merrill knows that most people who are serious about losing weight know that they won’t get the results they want by just dieting. They also need to exercise and they need encouragement to stick to the plan. This was the thinking behind the revolutionary new weight loss program Curves Complete®-the only program of its kind on the market that offers exercise, customized meal plans, and coaching in one integrated program. And, according to the staff of Curves of Merrill, the cost is comparable to what other programs charge for diet alone.
“It’s really as simple as 1-2-3,” said Curves’ Registered Dietitian Nadia Rodman. “The Curves circuit gives you strength and cardio training to protect your muscles and burn fat, our proven nutrition plan is fully customizable to your lifestyle, and your Curves coach helps you set goals and reach them one-on-one. If you simply follow the plan-which you can print as a weekly tracking sheet and take to your coaching sessions-you simply can’t help but lose. Or rather, win.”
Findings indicate that nearly 100 percent of weight lost on Curves Complete is body fat, compared to conventional diets in which weight lost typically includes up to 30 percent muscle tissue. By preserving lean muscle, Curves Complete helps maintain or even boost the body’s metabolism for better long term results.
“Ninety-five percent of dieters fail-or lose weight only to gain it all back-not because there’s something wrong with them, but because there’s something wrong with conventional diets,” said Curves’ Director of Exercise & Research Katie Mitchell. “It takes a combination of three things: exercise, diet, and coaching, or motivation, to successfully lose weight as body fat rather than lean muscle and then keep it off.”
“The success of the program hinges on the Curves Complete coaches, Certified by Cleveland Clinic” says Mitchell. “After all, it doesn’t matter how much you know about proper diet and exercise-if you don’t have the motivation and accountability to follow through with them, the knowledge is useless. Curves collaborated with the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, ranked among the top four hospitals and the No.1 heart hospital in the nation, to create the Curves Complete coaching certification for its clubs.”
Curves Complete includes a Web portal which features easy meal planning, recipes and shopping lists, goal tracking, motivational tools, a vibrant online community for support, and more. And once a Curves Complete member, always a Curves Complete online member-the Web portal and tools remain 100 percent free for life.
For more information about Curves Complete, please contact Curves of Merrill, located at 1018 E. Main St., at 715-536-5806 or visit

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