Spring outdoor hearings Apr. 9

Wisconsin residents will be able to nominate and elect local representatives to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress and express support or non-support for a range of advisory questions on conservation and natural resources management issues at the Congress’ spring meetings held in every county of the state on Monday, April 9 starting at 7 p.m.
New this year, the CC will hold town hall meetings after the advisory questions are done. As part of a directive from the Governor’s Office to the CC Chair, the Congress has been asked to assist in developing recommendations for regulation simplification and eliminating barriers to participation in hunting, fishing and trapping. The county meeting is held jointly with the DNR Spring Informational Hearings. The WCC is a statutorily established advisory group to the state Natural Resources Board (NRB) on all resource issues.
At the meetings, citizens will have the opportunity to comment and register their support or non-support for congress proposals that someday could become the rules that regulate fishing, hunting, trapping and other outdoor recreation activities in Wisconsin. They may also submit resolutions addressing conservation needs or concerns they observe.
Results of the public’s input on these proposals will be presented to the Natural Resources Board in May 2012. If there is significant support for a proposal, the advisory question could become a DNR rule change proposal in following years.
This year the Conservation Congress will seek public input on 52 advisory questions on a range of topics, including proposals to: allow motor trolling statewide; create a public/private land antlerless deer permit system; allow the use of crossbows during the bear season; allow the transfer of a license/permit to a senior or disabled person; request that the Wisconsin Legislature grant the DNR authority to develop a regulated hunting season for sandhill cranes; allow for a statewide coyote harvest during the gun deer season; return the largemouth bass season opener to the earlier May opener and numerous other statewide and local suggestions for enhancing fishing opportunities on Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers.
The county meeting is also reserved for the election of delegates to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. To vote for Congress delegates, one must be 18 years old and provide identification along with proof of residency in the county.

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