2-15-12 Merrill Fire Department runs

In this column: MGSHC = Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center; AWH = Aspirus Wausau Hospital; MSCH = Ministry St. Clare’s Hospital; MSJH = Ministry St. Joseph’s Hospital; PCNH = Pine Crest Nursing Home; MVA = motor vehicle accident.
February 3
Fire/rescue runs: #22- 9:50 p.m., small electrical fire in water heater at N. Stuyvesant St. residence, some wiring melted, fire contained to a small area; #23- 11:57 p.m., bomb threat at Walmart, building searched & nothing suspicious found.
Medic runs: #150- 12:14 a.m., 87yoF, W. Taylor St. to MGSHC, illness; #151- 2:15 a.m., 87yoF, MGSHC to residence, illness; #152- 10:42 a.m., 81yoF, Prairie Rd. to MGSHC, trauma; #153- 1:32 p.m., County Rd. K, no transport; #154- 5:54 p.m., Church Ave., no transport; #155- 6:40 p.m., W. Main St., no transport, cardiac.
Other activities: conceal carry training along with gun safety class, how to handle a patient with a concealed carry weapon.
February 4
Medic runs: #156- 10:49 a.m., 87yoM, W. Taylor St. to MGSHC, illness; #157- 2:07 p.m., 87yoM, MGSHC to residence, illness; #158- 48yoF, Cleveland St., trauma, no transport; #159- 8:20 p.m., 93yoF, PCNH to MGSHC, trauma; #160- 9:37 p.m., 80yoM, N. State St. to MGSHC, trauma; #161- 11:27 a.m., 80yoM, MGSHC to MSCH, trauma.
Other activities: EMS run review for quality assurance.
February 5
Fire/rescue runs: #24- 7:23 p.m., house fire at W4168 County Rd. C, originated near outside wood burner, firefighters aided by Lincoln Co. deputy pulled hose & brought fire under control, Merrill engine did over haul putting out hot spots. Russell FD brought 2 firefighters & tanker.
Medic runs: #162- 12:02 a.m., 93yoF, MGSHC to PCNH, medical; #163- 6:34 a.m., 76yoF, Thielman St. to MGSHC, cardiac; #164- 8:04 a.m., 82yo, 2nd Ave., Gleason to MGSHC, respiratory; #165- 1:56 p.m., 76yoF, PCNH to MGSHC, cardiac; #166- 7:37 p.m., 54yoM, W. Jackson St. to MGSHC, overdose.
Other activities: review of EMS protocol for patients identified as Do Not Resucitate.
February 6
Medic runs: #167- 9:30 p.m., 34yoF, River St. to MGSHC, respiratory.
Other activities: CPR class taught to Parkside Preschool employees; semi-annual inspections of area businesses.
February 7
Medic runs: #168- 4:51 a.m., 55yoM, Abraham Ct., patient not breathing, no transport.
Other activities: annual meeting w/Susan Ryman of NTC, public relations with people outside of the fire department.
February 8
Medic runs: #169- 5:45 a.m., 76yoF, MGSHC to MSCH, cardiac; #170- 9:39 a.m., 87yoM, W. Taylor St. to MGSHC, medical; #171- 1:59 p.m., 87yoM, MGSHC to W. Taylor St., medical; #172- 2:45 p.m., 47yoF, Johnson St. to MGSHC, medical; #173- 3:11 p.m., 75yoF, W. Jackson St. to MGSHC, trauma; #174- 6:58 p.m., 92yoF, O’Day St. to MGSHC, cardiac.
Other activities: meeting with officers of the department to discuss department issues.

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