Bluejay Varsity Trap Team remains undefeated after six weeks


In Week 6 of competition, the Merrill Bluejay Varsity Trap Team competed against the Tomahawk Claybusters and Merrill scored a win, with a score of Merrill 120 to Tomahawk 116.
Contributing to the win, Merrill Seniors Bobby Hoff and Nicholas Kriegel both scored perfect 25’s in the match.
The JV Trap Team suffered their first loss, losing by a single point in their matchup, Tomahawk 117-Merrill 116.
Intermdiate Advanced also took their first loss, Tomahawk 106-Merrill 98.
This week’s match is against Lakeland Union High School and the coaches were watching the weather to see if Merrill would be competing on their regular Tuesday evening schedule.
The Merrill Varsity Trap Team goes into the match against Lakeland Union undefeated and hopes to maintain their winning streak. Their biggest competition will be Cole Johnson of Lakeland who currently sits in the number one spot in the Conference with a score of 141.
Three Merrill Varsity shooters now hold the third, fourth, and fifth places in the Conference, respectively. Christopher Holz, Nicholas Kriegel, and Bobby Hoff are poised to move up if their shooting stays true. Holz has a score of 140 with 104 RR, Kriegel’s score is 139 with 91 RR, and Hoff is at 139 with 74 RR.
Rival Mosinee also won their match in Week 6. Both teams are undefeated with six wins apiece and have their sights set on their face-off in Week 8.

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