LaDonna Fermanich elected new President of the Merill City Council

Three new Alderpersons sworn in, Committee appointments approved, meeting time changed


At the Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Reorganizational Meeting of the City of Merrill Common Council, newly elected Alderpersons Andrew Caylor, Robert “Bob” Lass, and Rebecca Rutkowski took the oath of office.
A motion was made and passed, changing the time for monthly Council meetings to 6:30 p,m. [previously held at 5:30 p.m.].
The newly-formed Council voted to elect Alderperson LaDonna Fermanich as Council President. Alderperson Mike Rick, Jr. was also nominated. Fermanich was elected with six votes; Rick received two votes.
The Council then elected the Alderperson member of the City Plan Commission. Both Fermanich and Rutkowski received nominations, but Fermanich declined the nomination and Rutkowski was elected to serve on the City Plan Commission.
The City Clerk read the Mayor’s appointments which were formally approved by the Council, as follows:

  • Personnel and Finance:
    • Alderperson Michael Caylor Chairperson
    • Alderperson LaDonna Fermanich
    • Alderperson Nathan Meyer
  • Health and Safety:
    • Alderperson Mike Rick Chairperson
    • Alderperson Mark Weix
    • Alderperson Michael Caylor
  • Board of Public Works:
    • Mayor Steve Hass Chairperson
    • Alderperson Mike Rick
    • Alderperson Rebecca Rutkowski
    • Alderperson Andrew Caylor
  • Marketing and Communication:
    • Alderperson LaDonna Fermanich Chairperson
    • Alderperson Nathan Meyer
    • Alderperson Robert Lass
  • City Plan Commission:
    • Reappoint Ralph Sturm Term expires 5-1-2027
    • Reappoint Robert Reimann Term expires 5-1-2027
  • Park and Recreation Commission:
    • Reappoint Dan Novitch Chairperson term expires 5-1-2025
    • Steve Osness replacing Jean Ravn term expires 5-1-2029
    • Alderperson Rebecca Rutkowski replacing Alderperson Mark Weix
    • Eric Malm replacing Rebecca Rutkowski as the citizen member term expires 5-1-2028
  • Library Board:
    • Reappoint Audrey Huftel term expires 5-1-2027
    • Appoint Barbara Rothisberg replacing Richard Mamer term expires 5-1-2027
    • Alderperson Mark Weix
  • Zoning Board of Appeals:
    • Reappoint Ron Burrows term expires 5-1-2027
  • Transit Commission:
    • Reappoint Rick Blake term expires 5-1-2027
    • Reappoint Jill Weber term expires 5-1-2027
    • Sara Doerr Chairperson term expires 5-1-2026
  • Community Development Committee:
    • Reappoint Pete Koblitz term expires 5-1-2027
    • Alderperson Mark Weix
  • Historic Preservation Committee:
    • Reappoint Alderman Mike Caylor Chairperson
    • Appoint Steve Sabatke replacing William Heideman term expire 5-1-2027
    • Alderperson Andrew Caylor
  • Police and Fire Commission:
    • Mark Bares replacing Lisa Gervais term expires 5-1-2029
  • Board of Review:
    • Mayor Steve Hass Chairperson
    • City Clerk Lori Anderson Malm
    • Alderperson Nathan Meyer
    • Alderperson Rebecca Rutkowski
    • Alderperson Andrew Caylor
    • President of the Council [Alderperson LaDonna Fermanich]
  • Enrichment Center:
    • Jay Tlusty term expires 5-1-2025
    • Carol Holz term expires 5-1-2025 replacing Sharon Anderson
    • Sharon Harvey term expires 5-1-2025
    • Gene Bebel term expires 5-1-2025 Laura Bertagnoli term expires 5-1-2025
    • Elizabeth McCrank replacing Teresa Baker term expires 5-1-2025
    • Alderperson Mark Weix
  • Redevelopment Authority:
    • Alderperson LaDonna Fermanich
    • Pete Koblitz replacing Rebecca Rutkowski term expires 9-1-2027
  • Festival Grounds Committee:
    • Mayor Steve Hass Chairperson
    • Alderperson Mike Caylor
    • Alderperson Robert Lass
    • Alderperson Andrew Caylor
  • Tourism Commission:
    • Alderperson Mark Weix
    • Gary Schwartz term expires 5-1-2025
    • Sarah Gilbert DNR rep. term expires 5-1-2025
    • Sue Kunkel term expires 5-1-2025
    • Jeremy Ratliff term expires 5-1-2025
  • Airport Commission:
    • Alderperson Mark Weix
  • Housing Authority:
    • Alderperson Mark Weix

The newly-formed Council also recognized outgoing Council members Paul Russell (formerly of District 1) who had served as Alderperson since April 19, 2016; Dick Lupton (formerly of District 5) who had served as Alderperson since April 19, 2022; and Steve Sabatke (formerly of District 8) who had served as Alderperson since July 26, 2019, and Mayor Steve Hass thanked them for their service.
The Council’s next meeting will be held at Merrill City Hall on Tuesday, May 14, at 6:30 p.m.

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