MAPS BOE member Yingling resigns


Merrill Area Public Schools (MAPS) released a statement on Thursday, April 18, 2024, announcing that Linda Yingling, a member of the MAPS Board of Education (BOE) is stepping down from her role on the Board effective immediately.
“In a letter to the Merrill Area Public School District, Yingling stated that her decision is based on some personal and medical issues,” the release said.
Yingling said during her tenure of nearly 11 years, there have been “many ups and downs along with a lot of hours spent. Sometimes this has been a second home.” She served on many committees “and enjoyed all of them” but said she has a special fondness for the Early Childhood/Headstart program.
“This elected position is often known as a thankless job,” Yingling said. “To me it was giving back to my community where I live and where I went to school myself. I wanted to make a difference, and I believe I did that.”
“I owe some thank you’s,” she said. “First to the community that voted for me all these years. It has been a pleasure to be your voice. All the support and the wonderful comments I have received have been very heartwarming.”
“Next to our administrators and teachers who allowed me to come into their buildings and classrooms. I will miss that the most,” she said.
“Lastly, to my fellow Board members, remember who you work for,” Yingling said. “The people of this community rely on you to do the right thing. (The Voters.) When making decisions for our school district, be honest and fair. Don’t lie or hide things. It will get you much further. And it is okay to lead with your heart.”
“I leave you with a quote: ‘The success of a School Board lies in its ability to listen to the needs of the community and act in the best interest of students.’ (Unknown author),” she said.
In the press release, MAPS BOE President Kevin Blake extended his appreciation to Yingling for her contribution. “Thank you to Linda for her 10+ years of service on the Board,” he said.
The new BOE, with recently-elected members, held their organizational meeting on April 22, 2024. At that meeting, the new Board decided it will run a public notice beginning next week with application guidelines for candidates interested in filling the newly-vacated seat on the BOE, a term scheduled to end in 2025.

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