On resilience


Dear readers,
Resilience – the capacity of a person or entity to maintain their core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changing circumstances.
That word came to mind as I sat in the parking lot outside the Press Times office in Green Bay.
As the late afternoon sun hit the words — Press Times — it cast a light orange glow on the sign.
As I soaked in the moment, I thought over the events of the past month.
With the election drawing near, the atmosphere has become somewhat volatile.
I thought of the numerous editors in our publishing company and some of the things they have had to endure over the past few weeks.
The calls I get from them tell me that it is the same all over.
Our editors — though they represent every generation of the workforce, they have one thing in common — resilience.
I am proud to be a part of this group of kind, sincere and dedicated group of editors that connect and inform our communities.
Though each one of them abides by publishing company policy, they are often subject to those who wish to use them as pawns in their own agenda.
But, our editors are dedicated and resilient and those roots run deep in this company.
If you are not familiar with the “David and Goliath” story behind Multi Media Channels’ legacy, you might want to check out The Chain Gang by Richard McCord.
The Press Times is a testament to resilience — that of the Frank Wood family.
The family’s dedication to local journalism is evident in its publishing footprint and the Pass It Forward internship program that is further supported by the Packers Give Back and Nicolet National Bank.
We were able to shine a light on the program this month at the Wisconsin Newspaper Association convention held in Madison, where our publications took home 47 awards.
I want to thank all of our editors for their commitment to local journalism and congratulate those who took home awards.
Your dedication blows me away.

Merrill Foto News Editor’s Note: This column was written prior to the April election, but due to space constraints was not published until afterward.

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