Lincoln Day Dinner held in Merrill

L to R: Jay Downey, Mary Felzkowski, and Calvin Callahan open up the forum to questions from attendees. Rick Argall photo.


The second annual Lincoln Day Dinner was held March 23, 2024, at Les and Jim’s Lincoln Lanes in Merrill. Sponsored by the Republican Party of Lincoln County (RPLC), the event was designed as a fundraiser and an opportunity for local residents to meet and hear from area representatives in office.
U.S. Representative Tom Tiffany, State Assemblyman Calvin Callahan, State Senator Mary Felzkowski, and Brandon Maly of Turning Point Action headlined the event, which featured a buffet-style dinner and many speakers that addressed concerns regarding local, state, and national issues. The evening kicked off with Presentation of the Colors by Hamburg’s MAR-LIN VFW Post 10203 followed by the National Anthem. Jon Weiler (Second Vice Chair RPLC) emceed the event.
“We want people in our county to help local candidates and to raise funds to assist their campaigns. We are getting the word out regarding local issues and we are providing educational resources for our communities,” said RPLC Chairman and then Lincoln County Board Candidate Jay Downey in some of the opening comments.
Then Lincoln County Board Chairman Don Friske addressed the group and discussed the role of the Lincoln County Board and how they are addressing the fiscal concerns of the county. “Are we spending money the way that Lincoln County citizens want us to?” Friske asked rhetorically.
During the headliners’ presentations, Calvin Callahan, State Representative for the 35th Assembly District of Wisconsin, took the podium and addressed his re-election strategy and goals. He also provided information on bills he has introduced and what his role is in Madison as a legislator.
Callahan also opened up the forum for a question-and-answer session for any comments or concerns attendees wanted to share or questions they wanted answered.
Lincoln County Clerk Chris Marlowe spoke, along with State Senator for the 12th Senate District Mary Felzkowski. The Senator addressed questions from the crowd regarding local issues and how they are being addressed. Specifically, she discussed area snowmobile trails, how the trails cross over too many properties, and how they are going to adapt next year, given the lack of snow this year.
Felzkowski also discussed wolf hunting in Wisconsin and said we are waiting for the wolf to be taken off the protected species list.
“Legislation has been introduced and we will be wolf hunting in Wisconsin soon!” she said.
U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde provided a message via video which was displayed on the big screen, as he was busy with campaign commitments in Southern Wisconsin and unable to attend in person.
Special guest speaker John Leiber, State of Wisconsin Treasurer, also spoke about fiscal and budget issues in Wisconsin.
Brandon Maly of Turning Point USA presented information about the organization, a national non-profit that reaches out to recruit and educate young voters about issues that will affect their lives, and discussed their activities and action plan to get their message out to younger generations. An on-site booth offered flyers and fielded questions from people who wanted to know more about their organization.
The evening concluded with Keynote Speaker Congressman Tom Tiffany (R-WI 7th District) addressing the crowd and updating all in attendance about issues on a national level, as well as local issues. He provided information regarding current bills in Congress and his voting record and stance on upcoming bills that will be introduced. “We have huge elections coming up,” Tiffany said. “It is very important that everybody gets out and votes, either by early voting, absentee ballot, or in person.”

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