Aspirus Merrill Hospital set to begin $40 million renovation and expansion

Aspirus Merrill is set for remodel and expansion project. Photo courtesy of Aspirus.


Aspirus recently announced they are set to begin a “transformative $40 million renovation and expansion project” at Aspirus Merrill Hospital. “This initiative underscores Aspirus’ dedication to addressing the growing health care needs in Merrill and the surrounding areas,” a press release said.
Scheduled to begin this summer, goals of the project are to “greatly improve efficiency, access, and the patient experience.”
“The health care landscape has encountered unprecedented challenges over the past four years, exerting immense pressure on health care systems across the nation,” said Jeff Wicklander, Aspirus Senior Vice President and Central Region President. “Despite these obstacles, Aspirus has thrived, which is a testament to strategic foresight, thoughtful decision-making, and a relentless commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.”
One of the biggest changes is the planned expansion to double inpatient beds, going from 10 to 20. The renovation and expansion will include:

  • Complete reconstruction of inpatient rooms
  • Enhancements to imaging, rehabilitation, laboratory, and pharmacy services
  • Updates to the main floor, stairwells, and offices

“In these challenging times, Aspirus is dedicated to innovating and transforming its care models and processes,” the release said. “This approach ensures that the system continues to deliver exceptional care that meets communities’ changing needs. Maintaining a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in Merrill is an important strategy for Aspirus Health as more populations transition to Medicare.”
“This investment is a clear indication of our commitment to leveraging resources for the greatest possible impact,” Wicklander said. “We are excited to improve and expand care locally while providing a boost to the local economy.”
“Aspirus looks forward to continued growth and improvement, as it advances its mission to heal people, promote health, and strengthen communities,” the release said.

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