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We welcome letters to the Editor, a chance for members of the community to comment on issues of concern to them. All letters must be original, not duplications of letters addressed to public officials or written by others. The views and opinions expressed are those of the letter writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication, its publishers, Editor, or staff.

To the Editor:
Dear People of the Great State of Wisconsin,

Hello! I am a third-grade student in Northern Virginia. Our class is learning about the United States, and I will be teaching our school about the state of Wisconsin. In the month of May, I will create a display for our State Fair that I hope will make you proud.
Although I have gathered facts about your state from books and websites, I think that I can receive the best information from the people who live there. This is why I am writing to you. I am hoping that you would be willing to send me some items to help me learn more about the best things in your state. You might consider sending items such as postcards, pictures, souvenirs, this newspaper article, or any other unique items that would be useful or show your state pride. Here are a few questions:

  • Why do you live in your state?/What first brought your family there?
  • How do you make money?/What is your job?
  • What does your state look like?
  • What do people do for fun?
  • What animals live there?
  • What traditional food/recipes does your state have?
  • What type of music is native to your state?
  • Do you have a state athletic team?
  • What geographic features are unique to your state?
    I will need to gather all of my information by the second week of May. You can mail items to the address below. I really appreciate your help!

Bryce McKinney
Miss Campbell’s Class
The Langley School
1411 Balls Hill Rd.
Mclean VA 22101

To the Editor:
Where did the money go? In an article on Feb. 15, the Lincoln County Finance Director Samantha Fenske stated we only have $258,031 left in the Solid Waste Fund, but in 2003 we had $6,043,079. Now in 2009 and 2010, you gave the Lincoln County Board $200,000 each year and for the years 2011 through 2021 that’s $2,600,000. Now $2,600,000 and the current balance of $258,031 from $6,043,079 leaves a balance of $3,185,048. Where did all of this money go? So we did not make any money since 2003 or did the landfill break even for 20 years? I think we should go back to pre-2003 running of our landfill where we made over $6 million, so if you would have put that $6,043,079 into a simple CD at 3.5 percent, you would have made $211,507 a year which you could have gave to the County Board every year and we would have had $6 million left and not have to ask the tax payers of this County for $4 million for the landfill.

-Larry Simon
Merrill, Wis.

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