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To the Editor:
In January the Wisconsin Assembly unanimously passed AB270, a bill that would require youth age 17 and under to take an in-person, hands-on DNR Hunter Safety course and exam, in order to receive certification to hunt. Led by Treig Pronchinske, Chairman of the Assembly Sporting Heritage Committee, this was overwhelmingly supported by both sides of the aisle. Meanwhile, the five-member, Senate Sporting Heritage Committee has received AB270 in order to take action on it. AB 270 is the same bill as SB265 which is lying dormant and needs to be taken up by the Senate. Citizens, including hunters and non-hunters alike, have voiced their opinion to this committee that this type of training should be made mandatory. In 2022, 93% of residents supported this at the annual Conservation Congress Spring Hearings. “Wisconsin residents have expectations that those carrying firearms, while hunting, have been properly trained by certified DNR Hunter Safety Instructors,” said Rick Heisler of the Wisconsin Hunter Education Coalition. He goes on to say that, “the work done by the Assembly, and Representative Ty Bodden, in listening to the public and placing a priority on safety, should be commended.” Further endorsement by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and Executive Director Cody Kamrowski who said, “this legislation is a ‘no-brainer’ as youth need this type of training to safely and responsibly carry firearms.”
Wisconsin has an exceptional track record of safety as it relates to hunting related injuries and deaths; largely due to the efforts of the volunteer DNR Hunter Safety instructors. Making this mandatory will cement the rich hunting heritage that Wisconsin has enjoyed since the inception of the Hunter Safety program in 1967. Families have spoken and want their loved ones to be trained in person and not by a video. It is time that elected officials listen to their concerns. If you believe as we do, please contact members of the Senate Sporting Heritage Committee and ask them to move this bill forward. It is the right thing to do.

– Sincerely,
John Plenke -Wisconsin Hunter Education Coalition
Germantown, Wis.

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