Two vehicle crashes result in injuries and/or citations

The red vehicle sustained significant damage and airbags were deployed when it veered from the lane it was operating in, causing a crash north of the stoplights on Pine Ridge Ave. Joseph Frederick photo.


Two vehicle crashes in Merrill’s city limits resulted in injuries and/or citations in the days leading up to Christmas.
On Dec. 21, 2023, at 9:22 a.m., Merrill police officers responded to a report of a two-vehicle crash with injuries on Pine Ridge Ave. north of the E. Main St. intersection/stoplights with that street. “Officers were advised that one party involved was passing out while driving,” a weekly report from the Merrill Police Department (MPD) said. After an investigation into the crash, the 75-year-old operator of that vehicle and the lone occupant of the southbound red Dodge Journey, was cited for left of center. Medical condition could be a possible contributing factor, the MPD said.

The second vehicle in the Dec. 21 crash sustained damage, in part from when the crash caused it to strike a mailbox, moving it almost 90 degrees from its original location. Joseph Frederick photo.

On Dec. 24, 2023, at about 11:00 a.m. an MPD officer was dispatched to a traffic crash on E. Main St. near Poplar St. in front of the Lincoln County Courshouse. This two-vehicle crash occurred when a westbound driver failed to stop or yield to traffic on Center Ave. at E. Main St. After crashing into the vehicle that was driving on Center Ave., the vehicle that had failed to stop or yield then struck and knocked over a light pole on the south side of E. Main St. The officer conducted a traffic crash investigation and cited the 16-year-old driver for failure to yield from stop sign.

A Dec. 24 crash on the corner of E. Main St. resulted in a light pole being knocked over on the S. Side of E. Main St. in front of the Lincoln County Courthouse. Joseph Frederick photo.

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