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To the Editor:
Despite all of the public’s opposition to the disposal of Pine Crest Nursing Home, the current County Board is rushing headlong into a highly questionable sale.
In spite of hundreds of petition signatures, direct phone calls to and personal contacts with County Board members, multiple testimonies at multiple County Board meetings, multiple Letters-to-the-Editor in both local newspapers, a 3/4-page ad in both local papers outlining unanswered questions and serious unaddressed economic concerns with the proposed sale, and ultimately, the results from the local papers’ survey – the majority of all of the above were in opposition to the sale – the County Board is pushing a sale that prompts more questions than answers.
All of the above opposition could have been resolved through a County-wide referendum, but the County Board rejected that option multiple times. Why?
More doubts arise when the contract with the brokerage firm, Marcus & Millichap, is examined, especially now that the Board has received an offer to purchase. The County never obtained a formal appraisal, as required by adopted resolution 2021-03-15, which requires one for the sale of a property worth more than $100,000.00. Why wasn’t one obtained?
In addition, the brokerage firm warned the County, in writing, that forbidding the firm from advertising on the open market would result in a restricted, poorer quality of bids that would limit the firm’s ability to solicit the highest possible price. Who benefits from that?
Apparently, there was no vote on offering the Health and Human Services Building for sale, but it is listed in the contract. When was that decision made and at what County Board meeting?
The sale cannot be finalized until it is approved by the whole County Board. It appears that this Board has many questions to answer before they can proceed. Remind them, that first and foremost, they have a fiduciary and moral responsibility to us.

– Diana C. Smith
Tomahawk, Wis.

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