Beyond Books Community ArtShare: Into the fold

Origami horse. Submitted photo.


The T.B. Scott Free Library has a new Beyond Books Community ArtShare exhibit for the months of November and December. “Into the fold: Origami” by Troy Hanson features the origami creations he has created over the years including an array of animals.
Origami is the art, science, and technique of folding flat paper (one dimensional) into three-dimensional designs and objects. It started in Japan but is now a hobby and skill practiced by people of many ages worldwide, with techniques and projects at many levels. There are books teaching origami techiques, as well as videos, and different designs and techniques developed by people worldwide.
For the entirety of November and December, a collection of Hanson’s creations will be on display in the library for the community to view. Some of the models he created were designed by others from around the globe including Japan, Uruguay, Vietnam, Croatia, Argentina, England, Spain, France, and South Africa, as well as U.S. designers. In addition, some creations are Hanson’s own design. Some were fast, taking only 5 minutes to create, while other complex designs took up to 15 hours to complete.
A native of Gleason and graduate of Merrill High School, Hanson then graduated from Pudue University. He works as an engineer and lives in Merrill with his family and pets.
The T.B. Scott Library is offering origami activities for children in the Youth Department.
In addition, Hanson will demonstrate origami folding techniques at a special presentation at the library on Monday, Nov. 27, 2023, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. The demonstration is open to all ages.

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