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To the Editor:
This letter responds to the two letters to the editor, concerning Pine Crest, in last week’s Foto News. The first letter claims that nursing home administrators with a nursing background are the most qualified. I agree and would add that our current Pine Crest Administrator is an RN. Contrary to the author’s claims that Pine Crest is in the “red,” its operations are generating a small surplus due to the recently increased Medicaid reimbursement rate.
The second letter addresses the Pine Crest Community Survey. This survey was published in both local newspapers and all Lincoln County residents were invited to participate. 782 people responded to the survey and of those 85.3% said that Pine Crest should remain County owned.
The letter writer complains about the sample size. The minimum sample size necessary to obtain a useful result from an opinion survey is 100 participants. The community survey’s sample size is more than adequate to provide a good indication of public opinion.
The question is whether we as a community should continue to care for the elderly among us. Those who support County ownership of Pine Crest believe we should. We appear to be in the majority.

– Ruthann Dunphy
Merrill, Wis.

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Political Letters To The Editor Policy:
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