LCHS September Donors

The Lincoln County Humane Society would like the following donors for their support in September:
Meghan Stevenson; Dean Barker; Bill Hurlburt; Lawrence Wenning; Francis Von Schrader; Brenda Dolloff; Ruth James; Dawn Hettinga; Phillip Werner; Sandi Pellicori; Anne & Joe Dorava; Angela Matti; Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Inc; Darlene Raunio; Jeffery Jaeger; Nadine Appel; Barbara Powers; Judy Grefe; Maureen Sanford; John & Jean Pokorny; Cecil Ballou; Janet Selnes; Pamela Welch; Kendra Hawley; Robert Blaus; Ivy Catlin; Sharayah Lee; Tasha Jaeger; Paypal Giving Fund; Jane Parsons; Amy Marthenze; Peggy Romanowski; Jennifer Bootz; Heidi Jarvis; Susan Manning; Irvin & Cheryl Fick; James & Phyliss Beilke; Network for Good; and Hilary Scully.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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