Merrill Varsity Volleyball twins each complete their 1,000th career assist

Avery Hoff (left) and Emma Hoff (right).


The Merrill Varsity Volleyball Team celebrated significant accomplishments of two of their players recently. The girls, who also happen to be twins, are both Merrill High School (MHS) Seniors and setters on the Varsity Volleyball Team. Within a week of each other, Emma Hoff and Avery Hoff each completed their 1,000th career assist.
“I thought it was really cool, and in the volleyball world it is a very big deal,” said Merrill Girls Varsity Volleyball Head Coach Kasie Holt.
“Emma completed hers on Aug. 26, 2023, against Regis at the Menomonie Sprawl, and Avery completed hers on Sept. 2, 2023, against Edgar at the DC Everest Invitational,” she said.
Both girls started playing volleyball competitively in the fourth grade, and both love their positions as setters because they like being able to control how their offense runs, they said.
When asked what they love most about volleyball, Avery said: “Playing with some of my closest friends, and Emma said, “Playing with a team that will always have my back.”
The girls are similar in many ways, as twins often are, even in how they answered the same questions. They love playing together, and both say they frequently give each other advice on which hitters to go to when they’re playing. “Emma is also my setter, and I love that she sets me up for success,” Avery said. And Emma’s favorite thing about playing together? “Getting each other hyped up after a big play,” Emma said.
After high school graduation, Emma plans to go to college for Physical Therapy. Avery is still undecided about her plans for after high school.

On Sept. 14, the Merrill Girls Volleyball Team celebrated Avery Hoff’s 1,000th career assist. Kasie Holt photo.
Celebrating Emma Hoff’s 1,000th career assist with the team on Sept. 2. Kasie Holt photo.

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