New ambulance equipment coming, thanks to the Bierman Family Foundation

Lincoln County Ambulance Service (EMS) announced they will receive $421,000 from the Bierman Family Foundation to replace aging ambulance equipment. The funds will be used to purchase five cardiac monitors, five chest compression devices, and three powered stair chairs. This essential lifesaving equipment is not cheap. Similar to fire service equipment, ambulance equipment must meet specific national and state standards for acceptable use in the field.
Three of the five cardiac monitors will be state of the art with ultrasound capability which is a new option for EMS providers. Pricing for the equipment replacement also included warranties and preventive maintenance agreements to keep future costs down.
Lincoln County is the sole provider of ambulance service throughout the entire county, including the Merrill and Tomahawk communities. For paramedic ambulance coverage in the southern 2/3 of the county, Lincoln County contracts with the Merrill Fire Department to provide ambulance service. In the northern 1/3 of the county, Lincoln County contracts with the MedEvac/Aspirus Tomahawk Hospital. Both ambulance providers offer 24/7/365 protection and combined, handle approximately 3,200 calls for service annually.
Lincoln County EMS and both ambulance service providers are very grateful for the ongoing support of public safety from the Bierman Family Foundation. This financial support ensures that paramedics have the best possible equipment in the field to save lives while keeping capital replacement costs to a minimum.

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