LCHS April donors

The Lincoln County Humane Society would like to thank everyone who donated in April:
Meghan Stevenson; Dean Barker; Troy Fronson; Mark and Christine Moravec; Cecil Ballou; Chip’s Hamburgers; Susan Sternot; Dawn Gourlie; Ricky Graap; Brian Jossart; Ronald Oestreich; Kenneth & Brenda Ronk; Mary Jo Tesch; Victoria Loose; Ann Mroczenski; Nadine Appel; American Online Giving Foundation; Nicholas Traeger; Ruth James; Anonymous; Darlene Raunio; James & Rosemary Schielke; Bonfire; Theresa Swiechowski; Amy & Jamie Weizenicker; Nancy Kasper; Mary Jaax; Town of King; Tisbest Philanthropy; Louisiana-Pacific Foundation; Pamela Welch; Janet Selnes; Anonymous; Larry Winkelman; Kendra Hawley; Wendy Israel; Marathon Express Gas Station; Ivy Catlin; Sharayah Lee; Tasha Jaeger; Paypal Giving Fund; Colleen Woller; Jean Perkins; United Way of the Capital Region; Network for Good; Amy Hameister; Jane Parsons; Peggy Bauman; Ruth Schmidt & Tim Rheinschmidt; Angeline Marquis; Michael & Jill Oemichen; T.B. Scott Library; Vaughan Schmidt; and Hilary Scully.
Your support is greatly appreciated!

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