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To the Editor:
The Merrill VFW Post 1638 and Auxiliary recently conducted its Annual Buddy Poppy Drive. We distributed Buddy Poppies near the Park City Credit Union/First Street Coffee sign and County Market entrances throughout the week preceding Memorial Day. In this time of ever rising expenses, we were awestruck by the generosity of the people that live in the Merrill and surrounding areas. Please know that every dollar or handful of change goes toward supporting veterans in need. We, as members of the VFW or Auxiliary, donate our time for this fund drive.
Everyone that donated, thanked us–they said it to us, but the meaning was: Thank you Veteran, for your service and sacrifice on our behalf. Please know that respect and love came along with every dollar. It was rewarding for us to hear about veteran experiences or memories of veterans no longer with us and it’s heartwarming to see everyone wearing their poppies throughout the week.
Please know that the services made possible through these donations are available to ALL veterans, active service members or their families, when needed–not just those who are members of the VFW. A big thank you goes out to the Merrill and surrounding communities for your generosity. See you next year!

– Denni Radloff, Jill Schmunk, and Kathy Palazzo – Buddy Poppy Drive Co-Chairs
Merrill, Wis.

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