New outdoors-based charter school eyes a fall 2024 opening

The founders of a new outdoors-based charter school are looking for a fall 2024 opening; but the Wausau School District’s restructuring plan is leaving things a bit up in the air.
Dr. Meghan Hughes last year announced that she was looking to open an outdoors-based charter school, Red Granite Charter School, similar to a successful one in Amherst that focused on the outdoors as part of the learning process. Its founder is helping to develop the new charter school.
The school district and the charter school are close to hashing out the details of the contract, hopefully in time to apply for federal grants that will help fund the school.
But, the location is up in the air. The board still needs to make some decisions around the district’s restructuring plans that could affect what space is available for the charter school. There is the possibility of having temporary classrooms for the first year while that’s sorted out.
The plan is to open the school with four classrooms to start, adding a classroom each year until there are nine total classrooms, Hughes told the Wausau School Board this past week.

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