Optimist Club hosts Law Fair at PRMS


Students visited the different booths and displays to learn more about the law, the history of our laws, careers in law enforcement, and more. They were challenged to complete a Law Fair worksheet by moving around the room to ask questions to get the answers to the questions on the worksheet from Law Fair participants. Tina L. Scott photo.

The Merrill Noon Optimist Club organized and hosted its eighth Law Fair at Prairie River Middle School (PRMS) in Merrill on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.
The program was part of Respect for Law Week. The last such program was held in 2018, and this is the first Law Fair to be held again at PRMS since the COVID pandemic.
Approximately 400 seventh and eighth grade students attended during two afternoon sessions that brought together representatives from all aspects of the law to interact directly with middle school students.
Prior to the interactive part of the program, students heard from keynote speaker and Merrill High School graduate, retired Lincoln County Circuit Judge Jay Tlusty, who gave a broad overview of the federal, state, and local legal systems.
From the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Merrill Police Department and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to representatives from the offices of our elected representatives, the Crimestoppers program representatives to judges, and many more, students were able to move about the field house where they could explore, look at vehicles and exhibits, and speak with representatives from each agency, asking questions and learning more about what each agency does and what a career in that agency might entail.
Students also received an Optimist Law Fair Questionnaire worksheet to complete by interacting with all the various agencies. They needed to visit each exhibit or booth to talk with representatives there to learn the answers to the questions that would give them an even better understanding of some aspects of the law. Students could then turn in their completed questionnaires for a chance to win in a giveaway.

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