Wisconsin voters to elect new Supreme Court Justice on April 4

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates Daniel Kelly and Janet Protasiewicz.


Voters in Lincoln County and across the state will elect the next Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court when they vote on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.
On their ballots, they will choose between two candidates:
• Liberal candidate Janet Protasiewicz, a circuit court judge in Milwaukee County, and
• Conservative candidate Daniel Kelly, a former state Supreme Court Justice.
The outcome of this election is likely to have a huge impact on multiple key issues in Wisconsin, including the controversial issue of abortion-on-demand in the Badger State and whether residents should have the right to abort a baby all the way through the ninth month of pregnancy, even though the pregnancy would be viable (meaning the baby could live without life support if it was born instead of aborted), as well as the rules for voting in the 2024 presidential election and how voting boundaries are set for upcoming elections; among others.
Be sure to vote on April 4.

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