Merrill Common Council bans e-cigarettes and vaping in public places, places of employment

Definition of smoking updated to include the use of electronic smoking devices

The City of Merrill Common Council voted unanimously to approve an amendment to the City’s smoking ordinance on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, at the recommendation of the Health and Safety Committee. The amendment added electronic cigarettes and vaping devices to the definition of smoking within the ordinance. Thus, under the amended ordinance, the use of electronic smoking devices is prohibited in public places and places of employment, along with cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and synthetic nicotine.
“Smoke-free indoor spaces is an important public health practice that helps protect the health of all people by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke,” said Shelley Hersil, Director of the Lincoln County Health Department. “Amending the ordinance strengthens that practice by including electronic smoking devices in the clean indoor air ordnance”.
The Northwoods Tobacco Free Coalition (NWTFC) is focused on advancing health equity by decreasing prevalence rates and preventing initiation among those who are most disproportionately impacted by commercial tobacco.
“This ordinance supports a comprehensive approach to tobacco prevention and control efforts throughout the state,” said Shelby Moore, NWTFC Coordinator. “An ordinance like this is one layer of the inclusive strategies that addresses the youth vaping epidemic, and works to change the social norm where commercial tobacco is less desirable.”
To learn more about commercial tobacco prevention efforts in the Northwoods, contact Shelby Moore at [email protected] or at 715.369.6115.

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