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To the Editor
Is our country better off today than it was two years ago? Based on the dumpster fire that is the Biden administration, only the most foolish could answer yes. Whether you believe Joe Biden was legally elected or not, it’s become abundantly clear he never should have been. Not only is he completely incompetent, but his entire cabinet and supporting staff are either completely unqualified for their positions, or lack integrity altogether. It appears they are going to purposely do a lot more damage before we can get rid of them.
Fortunately, on August 9, we can start to fight back. I urge everyone to vote for Rebecca Kleefisch in the Wisconsin Republican Primary Election. Tim Michels is NOT the candidate he claims to be. Besides, now is not the time for inexperience … we need someone who can beat Tony Evers and then hit the ground running on day one. Rebecca has experience and boundless enthusiasm. She knows how this State should be run.
I’ve heard some Democrat detractors say she’s just a dumb bimbo. Well, unlike today’s most prominent female Democrat politicians who either live alternative lifestyles or look like they could be the star of a Svengoolie monster movie, Rebecca is a refreshingly real woman. She’s rather attractive and very intelligent as well. Because of her detractors, I feel she will work twice as hard to prove she’s the right person.
There’s an old saying that goes, “Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.” It certainly applies here. On August 9, my wife and I will be proud to vote for Rebecca Kleefisch in the Wisconsin Republican Primary … we hope you will be, too!

– Jeffrey Krall
Merrill, Wis.

To the Editor
Residents of Lincoln County – I am writing this to give you information regarding a rapidly approaching election for a very important constitutional office here in our county.
As many of you know, our son was in a fatal car accident on September 30, 2021. What most of you do not know is that there was at least one Lincoln County Highway Department dump truck and a pedestrian involved as well. The reason you do not know this is because of the lack of any substantive investigation by the Lincoln County Deputy responding to the scene. Nothing about the accident and the lack of details in the report made sense, which led us to contracting a private firm to do an accident reconstruction.
Responsibility for the lack of an appropriate investigation sits squarely on the shoulders of the current Lincoln County Sheriff. If our current Sheriff was the executive leader that his department requires, then an independent reconstruction would have been ordered immediately, so that there would be no question of impropriety of one County Department not investigating another and one-sided accident details. Proper accountable leadership requires one to do the job entrusted to them, especially when it is hard.
This egregious breach of duty is why I am urging you to support Deputy Grant Peterson with your vote on August 9 in the Primary for Sheriff. Grant Peterson has seen the lack of leadership and the decay of Department morale under the current administration and has pledged to be the leader that restores the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department to an agency that serves and protects the best interests of all county residents.
I urge you to please check out Deputy Grant Peterson for Sheriff on Facebook and tell all your friends and family about him as well. Thank you.

– Jeremy, Carrie and Lily Cordova
Merrill, Wis.

To the Editor
With 2022 being an important midterm election year, many people think local elections don’t matter as much as state ones. Make no mistake—the office of County Sheriff is important. It’s so important that 27 of the 63 clauses in the Magna Carta directly address sheriffs and their responsibilities. The office of sheriff originally started as an elected position meant to provide leadership and representation to the common people of England. Even the word “sheriff” comes from the term shire-reeve, literally meaning “guardian of the shire.”
Ken Schneider is the guardian of our county. He has served Lincoln County for over 30 years in multiple capacities, including nearly every position in the Sheriff’s Office. But Ken is more than a protector—he’s an innovator, someone who is constantly thinking of ways to make things better. His focus has always been on how to best serve the people, and he’s done just that in the last 3+ years as our Sheriff. If he wins another term, he will continue to use his position to serve Lincoln County, just as he always has.
Join me in voting for Ken Schneider for Sheriff on August 9. The position of County Sheriff is important, and Ken Schneider is the best candidate for the job.

– Rachael Waldburger
Merrill, Wis.

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