Sen. Felzkowski introduces medical marijuana legislation

Madison, WI – On Jan. 26, 2022, Sen. Mary Felzkowski (R-Tomahawk), along with Representative Patrick Snyder (R- Schofield) and several other Republican colleagues, introduced legislation to legalize and create the framework for medical marijuana use in Wisconsin:

“A large part of my policy focus this session has been health care access. To me, a conversation on health care access leads directly to a conversation about medical marijuana. This is a matter of permitting an available, recognized pain alleviation tool to be used by Wisconsinites who are undergoing grueling medical treatments, facing daily chronic suffering, or struggling with the debilitating effects of PTSD. This bill lays out the framework for a well-regulated industry that empowers health care providers and patients, all while keeping public safety at the forefront.”

This bill will create a Medical Marijuana Regulatory Commission housed under the Department of Revenue. The Commission will oversee a tightly regulated control structure, administering licenses, enforcing the law, and determining most aspects of the medical marijuana industry in Wisconsin. Qualified primary care providers will have the option to provide marijuana recommendations to their patients in a liquid, oil, pill, tincture, or topically applied form – tax free to the patient. All revenues collected from licensing fees will go towards state drug and alcohol abuse, prevention, and treatment programs.

“Thirty six other states have taken this compassionate, reasoned, and logical step forward, providing Americans with the opportunity to work with their doctors to treat their pain and alleviate their suffering. It is long past time for Wisconsin’s government to provide Wisconsinites with this hope for the future.”

The bill is currently out for circulation, giving Representatives and Senators the opportunity to sign on and show their support for this idea.

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