A 38-year-old Wausau woman will face additional charges after drugs were found while she was being booked into the jail. The woman was initially arrested on a warrant charge. When a corrections officer checked the woman’s property, a pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana and a prescription drug for another person was found.
A 44-year-old Tomahawk man was arrested Wednesday evening on a warrant charge for violating the terms of his probation.
A Tomahawk woman reported being the victim of a scam last week. The woman was contacted at her Town of Wilson home by someone offering to lower the cost of her satellite TV. The caller then asked for her credit card and made an unauthorized transaction for over $100. Other cases last week included two people who reported attempted scams for home computer repair.
A 34-year-old Tomahawk man was arrested Friday afternoon on a warrant charge for failing to pay child support.
Tomahawk firefighters, EMS and deputies responded to a report of a fire in a garage Friday afternoon. The incident was reported on US Hwy. 8 in the Town of Bradley. When deputies arrived, they found no fire. Tomahawk firefighters were on the scene for about half an hour.
A 27-year-old Wausau man was arrested Sunday morning on a probation violation charge following a traffic stop. The K9 Poncho alerted to the odor of illegal drugs in the vehicle. A search turned up multiple items of paraphernalia related to IV drug use.
A 40-year-old Wausau woman was arrested Sunday afternoon on drug charges. While taking the woman into custody, a deputy located a syringe which tested positive for methamphetamine along with a baggie containing the drug. She was also charged with violating the terms of her probation.
Four people reported striking deer last week.

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