Importance of High Speed Internet in Business & Community Development

On June 13, representatives from UW-Extension’s Center for Community Technology Solutions based in Madison discussed with Merrill residents how to help create greater access to broadband/high speed internet in Lincoln County. There are several areas throughout the county where access is currently limited, a factor which could impede local business development and make information gathering less convenient for residents. We do not, however, know the extent to which people and businesses in the county have access to high speed internet.
In order to obtain a more accurate picture of attitudes toward high speed internet service, availability, and internet speeds currently available in Lincoln County and elsewhere in the state, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC), in cooperation with LinkWISCONSIN, has developed a broadband demand survey. The survey results will be used to better inform the public and internet service providers (ISPs) about areas that are un-served and underserved. The ultimate goal is to help the ISP’s and communities determine where and at what level services can be provided to those areas. The survey will also help inform the Center for Community Technology Solutions about what type of broadband/high speed internet education is needed throughout the state.
The deadline for completing the survey is July 15. The survey takes only a few minutes to complete. Please go to the following web addresses in order to complete the survey.
Residential Survey:
Business Survey:
If you do not have access to the internet, please come to the UW-Extension office (801 N. Sales St., Merrill) to complete the survey on a public computer terminal. UW-Extension also has hard copies of both the residential and business surveys. You may also complete a survey using computer terminals at T.B. Scott Library (106, W. 1st St., Merrill). The library also has hard copies. Questions about the survey may be directed to Art Lersch, UW-Extension, Lincoln County (715) 539-1075.

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