Long, safe snowmobile season in Lincoln County

With another snowmobile season in the record books, the Lincoln County Rec. Deputy notes it was one of the longest and safest in years. The state of Wisconsin saw an increase in snowmobile fatalities as compared to previous years but Lincoln County did not have any serious injuries this year. A minor crash was reported last week involving two teenagers, and a man was injured after he fell off a sled near Tripoli, but no other significant events marred this year’s season. The Rec. Deputy did keep busy throughout the season with violations. The most common of which is sleds that fail to stop at stop signs, having expired registration or careless operation. Citations for operating while intoxicated increased when compared to last year, but the Rec. Deputy noted the season last year was short and citations for OWI were consistent with previous years when the season was longer. The Rec. Deputy is hoping the safe trend continues as the ATV recreation season begins and reminds motor sports enthusiasts to obey signs, wear a helmet and don’t drink and ride.

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