Completes Aging Leadership Institute

Jane A. Deau, Director of the Merrill Area Community Enrichment Center was named a Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources’ GWAAR Leadership Institute fellow after completing the agency’s first leadership development session in May. Sponsored by GWAAR, an area agency on aging serving offices in 70 counties and 11 tribes in Wisconsin, the Leadership Institute provides a curriculum to help professionals in the field of aging reach their full leadership potential and, ultimately, better serve older people in Wisconsin. Deau was one of 17 people to complete the first six month course.
“There is an abundance of talent and dedication among professionals working in the aging field in Wisconsin, but we recognize that continual development of strong leaders doesn’t happen by accident,” says Robert Kellermen, Executive Director of GWAAR. “It’s not enough to simply encourage people to be good leaders, we need to provide them with the tools to develop and strengthen those skills. That’s what the GWAAR Leadership Institute is all about.”
“It was a wonderful experience working with others agencies throughout the state of Wisconsin. I was the only center director, but each one of us brought a different strength to the table. It was about teamwork and the willingness to work with others in order to bring about a better result,” says Deau.
As director of the MACEC and the current Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers (WASC) President, “I would like to see those coming into the field of aging strengthen their leadership roles within their agencies and committees. In this day and age it is up to advocate for those we serve, having those skills will only strengthen our ability to do just that.”
For more information about the programs and services provided by the MACEC or the GWAAR Leadership Institute contact, Jane A. Deau at (715) 536-4226.

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