Merrill Police Department Reports

May 11
10:41 a.m.- Officer went to the 600 block of Hollywood Drive and arrested a male who had a warrant through Probation/Parole.
6:46 p.m.- An officer investigated a complaint of a male smoking crack cocaine in front of a small child. The investigation continues, and social services is assisting with the complaint.
May 12
1:24 a.m.- An officer stopped a vehicle after it was observed swerving erratically. The driver appeared impaired, and performed field sobriety tests for the officer. The driver was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated. Further investigation revealed that there was marijuana in the vehicle and in possession of one of the passengers. The driver and passenger were also cited for Possession of Marijuana.
8:19 p.m.- Officers were dispatched to the 1200 block of Grand Avenue for a hit and run complaint. The suspect vehicle had left the roadway and struck a mailbox. After it hit the mailbox, the vehicle left at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was located, and the suspect driver was identified. The driver was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated and Hit and Run.
May 13
1:49 a.m.- Officer responded to a bar in the 1000 block of East Main Street, after receiving a complaint that a male patron had thrown a rock through the window of the business. Officers found that the male patron was asked to leave the bar, and threw the rock through the window after he was asked to leave. The male was arrested for Criminal Damage to Property and Disorderly Conduct.
Over the previous weeks, the Merrill Police Department has received numerous complaints of houses being egged throughout the night hours. The incidents have been confined to the area between East Main Street and East 6th Street, between Sales Street and Center Avenue. Anyone with information about the eggings is encouraged to contact the Merrill Police Department. Anyone who contacts Crimestoppers of Lincoln County with information could be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.
2:38 p.m.- An officer investigated an attempted burglary in the 600 block of Douglas Street. The victim said that no entry was made into the residence. However, the window had evidence of someone trying to pry it open. No suspects were identified.
May 14
11:42 a.m.- A caller reported likely fraud activity. She reported her 19-year-old son had received a phone call reporting he was eligible for federal grant money. In order for her son to receive this grant he would need to send money via Western Union. They recognized this as a scam and hung up on the caller. The number was traced and found to originate out of the country.
11:39 a.m.- A caller reported finding a wallet while walking past a business. The owner was identified by cards in the wallet. She stated she is missing $750 cash from the wallet. She stated she had the wallet while at a business. Investigation continues.
12:22 p.m.- A caller reported a theft of a laptop computer. It was found it had been given to another person to repair it. They now cannot locate the man to get the computer back. The man was tracked to
Wausau. The Wausau PD was asked to assist in locating the man and speaking to him about the computer.
12:24 p.m.- An officer was at a residence speaking to a female. The female’s 15-year-old daughter came in and told her mother she was skipping school, not realizing the officer was also standing there.
The daughter was cited for truancy and returned to school.
1:54 p.m.- A male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of Probation & parole.
3:40 p.m.- A caller reported she and her husband had been out of town over the weekend and returned home to find evidence of somebody having been in their porch during that time. The officer was shown beer cans and cigarette butts in the porch. The caller reported nothing was missing or damaged.
6:07 p.m.- A caller reported her neighbor’s camper was causing a potentially hazardous situation in the neighborhood as it was parked blocking the view of neighborhood children. This led to other neighbors involving themselves and allegations between the caller and owner of the camper swearing at one another in the presence of children. Each accused the other of allowing pets on to one another’s properties. A short time after departing the officer was called back after the original caller had allegedly made a vulgar comment about another neighbor. It seems all involved had blown the issue out of proportion. They agreed to leave one another alone the remainder of the night.
6:30 p.m.- A female called concerned with her brother. Officers spoke with the brother who stated he had been awake for more than two days. He stated he is on a religious journey and would sleep when god willed it. He was found he was not a threat to himself or others.
7:38 p.m.- A caller reported a bear and her cubs had knocked down her bird feeder. The officer could not locate the bears or the bird feeder. It seems the bears took it with them into the forest.
May 15
12:35 a.m.- Officers were dispatched to the area of the Park City Credit Union for a suspicious activity complaint. The caller advised a vehicle had pulled across the street from the credit union and 3 parties ran up by the credit union. The credit union was checked and was secure. The suspect vehicle was located on the east side of town and a traffic stop was conducted. The parties were spoken to and the driver advised he parks across the street and their friend walks to her residence as he does not like to pull into her driveway.
1:15 p.m.- Officers were requested to assist a company with a standby while they made contact at a residence as they have had issues with the owner previously. The officer stood by until the company was completed at the residence.
5:20 p.m.- An officer was dispatched to the high school for an accident. Both parties involved were backing out of their parking stalls and hit one another at the same time. There was minimum damage and no injuries. An accident report was completed.
6:50 p.m.-A caller reported holes being burnt into her patio awning. An officer made contact with the caller and the caller felt someone is doing this intentionally. There is an apartment above the patio of the caller and it is believed the tenant in the apartment is a smoker and ashes may be falling onto the caller’s patio furniture. The caller did not want that tenant spoken to as they felt it would make things worse. It is unknown if this is accidental or intentional.
7 p.m.- A juvenile reported being pushed around while at the skate park. Officers spoke with the juvenile and obtained a written statement about what had happened. The juvenile was released to a parent and the juvenile was advised to try and find out a last name of the suspect so officers could make contact.
May 16
2:42 a.m.- A caller reported two males fighting in the alley by their house. Male parties were not located in the alley but at a residence. Both male parties acknowledged their loud behavior but stated they were not fighting. Both were warned for their behavior.
7:49 a.m.- A caller reported sometime overnight someone broke a bird bath in his yard and his neighbor’s lawn furniture was thrown in his bushes. The investigation continues.
4:24 p.m.- A caller reported while they walking their dog a pit bull had come out from a residence yard and attacked their dog. The dog sustained minor injuries but did not need treatment. Dog owner was spoken to and warned for dog at large.
9:14 a.m.- Officers were dispatched to a two vehicle crash. No injuries were reported and responsible party was cited for Inattentive Driving.
May 17
2:43 p.m.- A caller reported a vehicle had driven across the lawn of the High School from Cty G to the parking lot. The male party had previously been told to not to be on the campus as he is no longer a student. Male party was located and cited for Disorderly Conduct with a Motor Vehicle.

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