Merrill Police Department reports

May 4
7:39 a.m.- A caller reported he and his 12-year-old son got into a verbal argument as the son refused to get out of bed for school. The son was on supervision through social services and was transported to speak with them. From there he was transported to school.
7:59 a.m.- A caller reported an intoxicated female had dropped off her children at preschool. An officer made contact with the female and requested a second officer, also a drug recognition expert, come to the location. The drug recognition expert completed a field sobriety testing and a drug evaluation and found the female to be under the influence of stimulant drugs. The female later admitted she had taken three pills of her son’s prescription medication that morning. She was arrested for operating while intoxicated with passenger 3:51 p.m.- A caller reported a theft had taken place at his workplace the previous day. The caller claimed a co-worker had stolen his ipod and added the suspect would claim to have purchased it. The suspect was spoken to and claimed the other had sold it to him with the balance due when they received their next paycheck. He did however agree to cancel the deal and return the ipod.
7:55 p.m.- A caller reported some type of domestic disturbance in an apartment. An officer located the involved male leaving the apartment. He claimed he had been in a verbal argument with his girlfriend and a neighbor. The girlfriend confirmed this. The boyfriend got into an argument after the neighbor refused to leave the apartment. The girlfriend sided with the neighbor and argued with the boyfriend. The boyfriend was leaving and agreed to stay away the remainder of the night. The verbal disturbance did not rise to the level of an arrest.
10:10 p.m.- An anonymous caller reported the odor of marijuana coming from a residence. Officers made contact at the door and could smell burned marijuana. A small quantity of marijuana was found on a desk. After speaking with those present a male turned over a marijuana pipe. A second pipe was found in possession of a teen also present. At time of report criminal charges/citations are yet to be determined.
May 5
3 a.m.- A caller reported two intoxicated males yelling and possibly physically fighting in an alleyway. An officer located the two who admitted they had been having a loud discussion. They stated they were walking home. They were warned to keep their voices down the remainder of the walk home.
4:51 a.m.- A caller reported her ex-boyfriend had arrived at her apartment intoxicated and was causing problems with her and a neighbor. While speaking with dispatch the male locked the caller out of the apartment. The female reported the male had become intoxicated and had caused problems inside the apartment with her and outside with an unknown male. The male was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct. After being handcuffed he lunged toward the female and was yelling at her. The male continued pulling away from the officer. He was additionally charged for resisting an officer.
10:54 a.m.- A caller reported someone had stolen his pants sometime overnight containing cash and prescription medications. He named a suspect but did not wish for officers to speak with her. He later stated a neighbor had seen the suspect enter his home. The officer spoke with the neighbor who stated he had been misunderstood.
11:11 a.m.- A cat bite was reported. The victim was also the owner and was issued a rabies control form.
6:15 p.m.- The Wisconsin Department of Corrections requested a male be arrested as he was found to have been drinking in violation of his probation.
May 6
10:50 a.m.- A caller reported receiving harassing phone calls from a male. The issue was over the return of a key. Arrangements were made to have a neutral third party complete the exchange of the key.
11:27 a.m.- A caller reported a vehicle had crossed the center line, entered someone’s yard and then returned back to the correct lane. Contact was made with the suspect. He admitted to the incident stating he had been reaching under the seat for papers. He was cited for inattentive driving.
6:07 p.m.- A dispatcher was outside of the Sheriff’s Office and saw a male running down the street yelling. Two other males were running behind him. The dispatcher stated he asked the male if he was alright and the male stated he had been fired and was happy about this. This stemmed from an incident that occurred the previous night at the business between co-workers. The situation was investigated after someone reported another had been threatened with a baseball bat. It was found the incident was largely a misunderstanding and an argument that escalated to empty threats. The alleged suspect was advised of ways to better handle such situations in the future.
11:01 p.m.- A caller reported her son had not come home tonight. His phone was out of minutes and she was therefore unable to call him. She named some of his friends and the officer located the son at a friend’s house.
May 7
9:05 a.m.- Officers responded to a disturbance in the 300 block of Stuyvesant Street. The male came to visit the female who lives at the Merrill address. He arrived and caused a disturbance. The male was told to have no further contact with the female.
12:02 p.m.- An officer conducted a traffic stop on East Main Street. The male driver was cited for Operating after Suspension and No Insurance. He was arrested for an active warrant through a neighboring agency.
7:25 p.m.- A male in the 400 block of East Street was arrested for an active warrant through Probation/Parole.
May 8
9:10 a.m.- A male was taken into custody through Probation/Parole after it was found he had been using methamphetamine.
6:44 p.m.- A male was cited for Disorderly Conduct after he made threats to harm another male and was yelling profanities at him.
May 9
10:51 a.m.- A caller reported someone had stolen his boat motor off his boat within the past couple days. The motor is a white, 20 horse Evinrude. Investigation continues.
11:21 a.m.- A crash was reported on Grand Ave at State St. It was found one of the drivers suffered a medical related issue causing the crash. The driver was transported to the hospital. Crash report completed.
11:45 a.m.- A caller reported receiving harassing text messages from her ex-husband. The ex-husband admitted to sending the messages following an argument over ownership of property. He was warned that continued harassment would result in citation or arrest.
2:12 p.m.- A store called after finding a male had stolen some sandpaper.
3:42 p.m.- A crash was reported on East Main St. A bicycle had crashed into a car. The bicyclist suffered minor injuries. A crash report was completed.
3:46 p.m.- A male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of probation & parole.
4:06 p.m.- A gas skip was reported at Kwik Trip. The suspect was identified and the officer will contact the suspect at a later date.
4:20 p.m.- A caller reported someone had been tampering with his spare house key. The residence was searched at the request of the caller. Several stolen street signs were found inside. He claimed these came with the house when he purchased it.
6:58 p.m.- A caller reported someone at Ott’s Park was removing wooden parking barriers. The officer spoke with one male who admitted to having the barriers in the trunk of his car. He stated he intended to burn them at a bonfire. He and a friend who had assisted him were cited for destruction of public property.
8:41 p.m.- A caller reported she had captured a lab running around the neighborhood. The officer recognized the dog as one he had taken home just over a month prior. The owner was cited for animal at large.
11:40 p.m.- A caller reported a female she suspects her husband is romantically involved with had sent her a vulgar text message. The officer found this had occurred after the wife had called her several times. Both were warned to leave one another alone or face possible citations.
May 10
3:18 a.m.- An officer was dispatched to a business for a disorderly conduct complaint. The employee advised that two intoxicated male parties were causing a disturbance at the business and then left in a vehicle and continued to circle the business while yelling profanities. The officer is waiting to view video footage to obtain a license plate. Investigation continues.
10:40 a.m.- A caller reported power lines being down on the street and vehicles had been driving over them. An officer arrived on scene and discovered the lines were down due to a traffic accident. A party had crashed into a telephone pole. The driver was spoken to and the officer observed physical indicators of impairment via inhalants and detected a chemical odor emitting from the vehicle. The driver was put through field sobriety tests and failed. The driver was arrested for operating under the influence. Chemical items were located in the vehicle.
5:10 p.m.- A caller reported young kids lighting off bottle rocket fireworks. The officer arrived at the residence where the children were last seen and spoke with their mother. The mother advised the kids had admitted to lighting off bottle rockets and the rest of them were taken away by the mother. The kids were spoken to by the officer about the firework laws and dangers. They were warned for their behavior.
6:20 p.m.- A caller reported two small children playing at the top of a large dirt pile and they were concerned for the children’s safety. An officer located the children and spoke with their mother. She stated the children like to play there. She was advised against letting the children play there and she was explained the liability concerns if one of the children were to get hurt. She agreed to keep the children away from the large dirt piles.
6:45 p.m.- A local gas station reported a theft of gasoline. An officer met with the employee and the only information available was a description of the vehicle. The employees reviewed the video footage and the suspect was identified. The officer spoke with the suspect who advised they attempted to pay at the pump and thought the credit card was accepted. The spouse went to the gas station and paid for the fuel.

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