Merrill Fire Department reports

In this column: MGSHC = Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center; AWH = Aspirus Wausau Hospital; MSCH = Ministry St. Clare’s Hospital; MSJH = Ministry St. Joseph’s Hospital; PCNH = Pine Crest Nursing Home; MVA = motor vehicle accident.
May 4
Fire/rescue runs: #56- 12:57 a.m., natural gas smell at 808 E. 9th St., found oven pilot light out, gas turned off & renter advised to contact the owner; #57- 4:39 p.m., Co detector beeping at W4406 Spring Lake Rd., nothing found, faulty detector replaced with a loaner.
Medic runs: #536- 2:34 p.m., 77yoF, MGSHC to AWH, cardiac; #537- 8:41 p.m., 36yoF, E. Main St. to MGSHC, medical; #538- 9:17 p.m., 64yoF, N. Prospect St. to MGSHC, medical.
Other activities: Confined space training w/hands-on drill using equipment in real life scenarios.
May 5
Medic runs: #539- 12:31 a.m., 36yoF, MGSHC to AWH, medical; #540- 6 a.m., 64yoF, Jackson St. to MGSHC, medical; #541- 9:55 a.m., 27yoF, Hendricks St. to MGSHC, medical; #542- 10:27 a.m., 81yoM, MGSHC to MSCH, medical; #543- 11:02 a.m., 33yoM, Logan Ave. to MGSHC, medical; #544- 5:24 p.m., Jackson St., no transport.
May 6
Medic runs: #545- 8:19 a.m., 87yoF, Wood Duck Ln. to MGSHC, trauma; #546- 12:35 p.m., 33yoM, N. Pier St. to MGSHC, medical; #547- 1:10 p.m., 91yoF, PCNH to MGSHC, illness.
Other activities: EMS training on longboard, vacuum splints, IV pumps, Hare traction splints & Sager splints, location on medics & proper way to use each piece.
May 7
Fire/rescue runs: #58- 8:58 a.m., patient w/hand possibly caught in manufacturing machine, Rescue 1 called off as male was free from machine; #59- 3:21 p.m., man stuck in lift bucket truck at about 25-30′ on Zastrow Ln., MFD used ladder truck to assist man back to ground.
Medic runs: #548- 8:22 a.m., 66yoM, MGSHC to MSCH, cardiac; #549- 8:56 a.m., 69yoM, S. Genesee St. to MGSHC, trauma; #550- 9:39 a.m., 89yoM, PCNH to MGSHC, trauma; #551- 10:46 a.m., 83yoM, S. Center Ave. to MGSHC, respiratory; #552- 11:43 a.m., E. 4th St., no transport; #553- 2:22 p.m., 67yoM, Stuyvesant St. to MGSHC, cardiac; #554- 5:21 p.m., 48yoM, Spruce St. to MGSHC, medical/cardiac; #555- 6:29 p.m., 87yoF, E. Main St. to MGSHC, medical.
Other activities: Attempted confined space training, EMS calls took up most of day, training postponed.
May 8
Medic runs: #556- 3:37 a.m., 82yoM, PCNH to MGSHC, medical; #557- 7:06 a.m., 82yoM, MGSHC to PCNH, medical; #558- 11:50 a.m., 78yoM, Clearing Rd. to MGSHC, trauma; #559- 5:21 p.m., 83yoM, PCNH to MGSHC, trauma.
Other activities: Training on inclines & declines at Riverside Park; tree stand rescues; confined space rescue training at water treatment plant.
May 9
Fire/rescue runs: #60- 11:22 a.m., assisted med crews at State St. & Grand Ave. for 2-car accident w/heavy damage.
Medic runs: #560- 7:17 a.m., 26yoF, E. Main St. to MGSHC, medical; #561- 8:38 a.m., 26yoM, MGSHC to MSCH, medical; #562- 9:33 a.m., 72yoF, Pope Rd. to MGSHC, trauma; #563- 11:25 a.m., 71yoM, Grand Ave & State St. to MGSHC, MVA; #564- 11:26 a.m., Grand Ave. & State St., no transport; #565- 11:26 a.m., Grand Ave. & State St., no transport; #566- 11:59 p.m., 95yoM, PCNH to MGSHC, medical.
Other activities: Nicolet provided confined space & low angle training at Riverside Park & Merrill Waste Water Treatment Plant.
May 10
Medic runs: #568- 10:31 a.m., 89yoF, O’Day St. to MGSHC, medical; #569- 12:43 p.m., 10yoF, W. 10th St. to MGSHC, trauma ; #570- 12:53 p.m., 59yoM, Prairie Pines Dr., no transport, respiratory; #571- 1:40 p.m., 59yoM, Prairie Pines Dr. to MGSHC, respiratory; #572- 2:05 p.m., 46yoF, O’Day St. to MGSHC, medical; #573- 6:20 p.m., 59yoM, MGSHC to AWH, respiratory.
Other activities: Fire prevention inispection training; entering information into computer program.

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