4-11-12 Merrill Police Department reports

March 30
The Police Department receives many complaints in the spring of junk and junk cars in yards. We would like to remind people to clean up unsightly debris and to make sure all cars are registered and in running condition.
8:27 a.m.- An officer investigated damage to property at the T.B. Scott Library. Sometime
Between 2 p.m. on 3-29-12 and 3-30-12 at 8 a.m., someone damaged two spot lights on the south side of the library.
11:43 a.m.- An officer responded to a complaint in reference to a male at a bank with a rifle uncased in the back window. Due to the new conceal carry law, this was permitted. However, the male agreed to case the firearm while at the bank, since it was a concern to other citizens.
11:58 a.m.- a male in the 1600 block of East 1st Street was arrested for domestic battery, after he struck his wife with a 2×4.
10:36 p.m.- A caller reported seeing a vehicle cross the center line several times. An officer located the vehicle and found that the driver appeared impaired. Field sobriety tests were administered and the female driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated 1st offense.
March 31
11:15 a.m.- A male in the 300 block of Lake Street was taken into custody for an active arrest warrant.
11:26 p.m.- Two juvenile females were found in a dugout at Lion’s Park. Both had been consuming alcohol and were cited for underage drinking.
April 1
10:33 a.m.- A restaurant reported a female who appeared to have been battered was complaining she didn’t feel well. An officer found the woman had been battered by her boyfriend and he had been arrested for that incident in Ashland County. This was confirmed. As she was not feeling well she agreed to stay at a local hotel before travelling back home.
12:59 p.m.- Good Samaritan Health Care Center called as two people at the hospital were in a heated argument about the condition of a patient.
3:29 p.m.- An officer investigated a dog bite complaint. A male was bitten on his toe by a friend’s dog. A rabies control form was issued to the dog’s owner.
4:48 p.m.- A caller requested an officer look at a plant growing in her yard she suspected to be marijuana. The plant was not marijuana.
April 2
10:15 a.m.- A caller reported charges totaling more than $900 had been made on his debit card. The activity was traced to a Walmart in North Carolina. The case was turned over to that jurisdiction for investigation.
3:09 p.m.- A male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of Probation & Parole.
3:20 p.m.- The school resource officer located four females in a vehicle. One lied about where she was supposed to be. She was subsequently cited for truancy.
3:27 p.m.- A business called after attempting to locate a male who had rented video games and a game system. The business was not able to locate the male and the male had not returned the gaming equipment. The officer found the man may have went to Milwaukee. Investigation continues.
April 3
10:46 a.m.- An officer responded to a 911 hang-up call. It was found the mother had given her child an old cell phone to play with. No emergency existed.
***Parents, please note it is not recommended to allow your child to play with cell phones. Even if the cell phone no longer seems to function they often are still able to call out to 911 for emergencies***
11:25 a.m.- A male did not show up for his court hearing. As such the judge issued an arrest warrant for the male. The attorney went to the male’s residence and could see him lying on the couch; the male refused to answer the door. The officer went and verified the male was the male in question. He refused to answer the door and the officer forced entry and took the male into custody.
1:25 p.m.- Probation & Parole requested a female be arrested for a probation violation. The female was tracked with her ankle bracelet and taken into custody.
4:35 p.m.- A female was arrested at the request of Probation & Parole for a probation violation.
5:05 p.m.- A parent called as her six-year-old son has allegedly been bullied at school recently. The mother did not feel the school was taking the proper corrective actions. The school resource officer was assigned to follow-up with the complaint.
Throughout the day officers made contact at 12 different residences to address violations of the junk vehicle/junk storage ordinances. If you have unregistered and/or junked vehicles outside of your residence please take corrective action to avoid police involvement. This applies also to ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and any other unregistered or junk vehicles. This also applies to any other junk/scrap including appliances, auto parts and other unsightly debris.
April 4
12:57 p.m.- A male was cited after he pumped gas at a local station and left without paying.
April 5
8:25 a.m.- A 19 year old male was taken to jail for a probation warrant for his arrest.
1:23 p.m.- A 17 year old was cited for disorderly conduct after “mooning” a class at Merrill High School.
1:56 p.m.- A student at Merrill High School reported the theft of cash and a camera.
2:06 p.m.- A student was found to be truant from Merrill High School and was cited for truancy.
6:55 p.m.- An officer observed a male driving on E 1st St and found he did not have a driver’s license. The officer lost the male in traffic. Later the male was issued a citation for 12th offense operating while revoked. It was also found that he had not updated his address with the court on four felony bail bonds and he was arrested for bail jumping. Probation and parole also placed a hold on the male and he was taken to jail.

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