2-1-12 Merrill Police Reports

January 21
12:01 a.m.- A male was arrested for battery after allegedly striking another male in the face in the 500 block of W. Main St. The victim suffered a cut lip that required stitches.
January 22
7 p.m.- A vehicle was stopped after the owner of the vehicle was found to have a warrant. The passenger was arrested for a warrant and the driver was cited for operating with a revoked driver’s license.
8:26 p.m.- An officer saw a vehicle driving without its lights on. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was arrested for an outstanding warrant. He was also cited for operating with a suspended driver’s license.
11:03 p.m.- An officer investigated a theft of prescription medication in the 1100 block of E. 8th St.
January 23
2:23 a.m.- Officers received a report that two males had been threatened by two other males while at Kwik Trip and one was possibly punched by another. The two suspects were located and denied an altercation took place. One was arrested for drinking alcohol in violation of his probation rules. The other was warned officers would be watching the surveillance footage and if he was involved in an altercation he would be arrested for disorderly conduct.
8:17 a.m.- A male called after locking his keys in his vehicle. He was found to have a warrant through Oneida County. He was arrested for the warrant. He was able to post his bond and was given a ride back to his vehicle.
3 p.m.- A restaurant called wishing for officers to make contact with a male to make him aware he was no longer allowed in the restaurant. The male denied being in the restaurant recently and was warned to stay out of the restaurant.
4:17 p.m.- A male was arrested for a probation violation at the request of probation & parole.
7:34 p.m.- Officers were called to a domestic dispute in an apartment complex. The caller reported the suspect had battered her and was now beating his girlfriend. It was found the suspect had been involved in a dispute with his girlfriend and had grabbed her at some point. The girlfriend reported this to a neighbor who opted to confront the suspect herself and was subsequently pushed down. The renter didn’t wish for the neighbor to be charged with trespassing. The male fled the scene. He will be charged with domestic disorderly conduct when located or a warrant will be requested for his arrest.
10:36 p.m.- officers were called in reference to a noise complaint. Officers met with four very intoxicated people who admitted to engaging in an argument. They were warned to keep the noise down or they would be cited. Twenty minutes later the renter called back after two of the guests refused to leave. They left when officers arrived.
January 24
8:29 a.m.- A male reported someone had struck his vehicle while it was parked at the clinic. There was minor damage and blue paint transfer. A crash report was completed.
2:49 p.m.- A high school staff member saw a male seemingly forcing a female into a vehicle. It was found the male was the female student’s father. She was causing a scene getting into the vehicle due to disciplinary reasons through the school.
4 p.m.- A caller reported a fight in the parking lot of Culvers. Four people were involved and two had a past history of not getting along. One set of the four threw a soda at the other vehicle. They then chased each other around the parking lot and a male punched the tail-lamp lens out of the other vehicle. One male was arrested for a warrant through Marathon County, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property. Another male was cited for disorderly conduct with a motor vehicle. A third male was cited for disorderly conduct and disorderly conduct with a motor vehicle.
5:35 p.m.- A caller reported a neighbor’s dog was in her yard barking at her dogs and causing them to be fearful. The owner of the dog was warned for having animals at large.
10:20 p.m.- A male was arrested In Marathon County for two Merrill PD warrants. An officer brought the male from Marathon Co. jail to the Lincoln Co. jail as well as another male who had a warrant through Lincoln Co Sheriff’s Dept.
January 25
10:51 a.m.- A male and a female reported that the male had been bitten by a stray dog on the west side of town. The male received medical treatment for the wound. It was later found that the male and female had made up the story and the male was actually bitten by his dog. They made up the story so they would not have vet bills. They were both cited for obstructing.
January 26
12:36 a.m.- Officers responded to an address in the 500 block of N. State St. for a complaint of loud music. When officers arrived, the occupants turned off the lights and no one would answer the door. The male renter was cited the next day for Violation of the Noise Ordinance.
3:59 p.m.- A juvenile was taken to secure detention, after he was reported shooting his pellet gun at the neighbor’s house.
7:44 p.m.- A female was taken into custody in the 800 block of Prospect St. for an outstanding warrant.
9:26 p.m.- A male was taken into custody in the 900 block of E. 1st St. for an outstanding warrant.
9:46 p.m.- A female was taken into custody in the 2100 block of E. Main St. for an outstanding warrant.

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