2-1-12 Merrill Municipal Court

The following cases were heard in Merrill Municipal Court on Jan. 9, 2012. Juveniles are not included. All have pleaded guilty or no contest. NAG=no age given.
Operating while intoxicated
Brenda M. Zettler, 53, Merrill, $642.80.
Natasha N. Kelly, 25, Rothschild, $126.60; Melissa N. Koehler, 25, Wausau, $101.40.
Knowingly operate while revoked-cause injury
Kalub D. Kleinschmidt, 19, Merrill, $6,391, fail to notify police of an accident, $189.60.
Operating after revocation
Trista R. Wolff, 26, Merrill, $202.20, operate m/v w/out insurance, $126.60.
Operating after suspension
Kyle A. Brown, 21, Merrill, $202.20; Daniel S. Karau, 18, Merrill, $177; Christopher M. Vercauteren, 19, Merrill, $126.60.
Operate w/out valid license
Cody L. Brossow, 23, Rhinelander, $126.60, operate m/v w/out insurance, $126.60.
DC w/motor vehicle
Michael P. Bronsteatter, 30, Merrill, $126.60; Ryan C. Peck, 36, Merrill, $126.60.
Violate red traffic signal
Donald A. Nelson, 56, Cottage Grove, MN, $101.40.
Inattentive driving
Bruce A. Clifford, 57, Irma, $114.
Driving too fast for conditions
Patrick D. Kleinschmidt, 18, Merrill, $139.20.
Operate m/v w/out insurance
Robert G. Kleinschmidt, 26, Merrill, $126.60.
Transient merchant-fail to provide right to cancel
Jeremy J. Bradley, 34, Wausau, $189.60.
Marijuana possession
Jayson T. Dietzler, 19, Merrill, $189.60.
Fail to obey lawful order
Travis L. Drake, 24, Merrill, $126.60.
Underage drinking
Toni M. Frick, 18, Merrill, $189.60; Kenneth L. Heise, 20, Merrill, $189.60.
Harassing/obscene telephone calls
Daniel J. Kleinschmidt, 30, Merrill, $189.60.
Disorderly conduct
Harvey E. Myers, 38, Merrill, $189.60; David M. Shellenbarger, 25, Merrill, $189.60.

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